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Spring Poetry Contest 2020 | Savanna

Updated: May 30, 2020

We are very excited to have two first time submitters place in the top 3 for this seasons poetry contest. It’s always so cool meeting new writers and learning about there work, so let‘s get to it. We are back with another round of results for our Seasonal Poetry Contest. This time around we did not have a bunch of submissions, but the ones that we did receive were all quality. So before you continue, but sure to subscribe to our email list or text iamrootco to 64600 to get alerts to your phone.

Savanna Enriquez, just placed 1st in our Spring Poetry Contest with her pieces that will be listed below. We really appreciated these submissions and look forward to learning more about her writing journey. The competition was fierce and so many writers sent in great poems. Let's take a look at what Savanna brought to the competition.

Hello, my name is Savanna, I'm a sophomore in high school who started writing and taking poetry seriously 3 years ago while in middle school. I won an award for my poetry and was able to present my winning poem in front of the school district. I attend the poetry club at my current high school, and I performed multiple times for Infuse open mic which is an all-age open mic, and I also performed at Phoneticspit which is a teen open mic held at Burton Barr Library. I hope you all come along with me on my journey! Stay safe!

Thank you I Am Root for this amazing opportunity I look forward to continue supporting this Poetry Community you all have created!

We gathered a few clues about her writing style from her submissions. She makes good use of line breaks and imagery, which makes her works very good reads.

Topic: Weather Indoors

Snow In The Attic

The snow glistening on the attic floor

As the floorboards begin to creak

And the sun beaming in the window

Snow falling from the ceiling

Pouring on nothing but boxes of old memories

That once meant much to me

How we sit here in the sun

Beaming watching it gleam

Shining on all of the memories we made

Tears streaming

Memories we made alone

Now we sit in the snow

While we gloat

That memories are gone

And we grow

Knowing we never get hothouse memories back

The snow destroying every picture and everything from my childhood

As I try to grow up

And become my own person

Leading to my success and failure

And leaving me lost in this world


Rain In The Bedroom

Water pouring on the red carpet of the bedroom floor

More and more of the water pouring in flooding the room

Dark clouds

The rumble of the room

And our last memories

Flashing before our eyes

What the truth lies is a mystery

The bedroom shaking as the thunder rumbles in the room

But we could only assume what will happen next in life

As the rain drops flow on the bed

Wetting the silk soft blankets

Making us realize all the opportunities we’ve missed

Taking us back to the past, missing our present and destroying our future

The lightning bolts crashing down on the gray table lamps next to the bed

Water rising in the bedroom destroying

Every memory that we hold

And making room for new ones

And opening a door for new opportunities and chances

The storm is over

But legacies and memories aren’t


Thanks for reading, be sure to follow up with Savanna and show some support to her writing. We want to also thank all of the other writer for submitting and supporting the Rooted Minds Blog. If you or someone you know loves to write, be sure to visit or subscribe on our website. We also have Writing Prompts posted on


Follow her on IG @a.poets.world_

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