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Spring Poetry Contest 2020 | Kadeidra

Updated: May 30, 2020

What’s up blog family, we are back with another round of results for our Seasonal Poetry Contest. We received submissions from four new writers, so it was awesome engaging with new writers. We hope to welcome them to our community. This time around we did not have a bunch of submissions, but the ones that we did receive were all quality. So before you continue, but sure to subscribe to our email list or text iamrootco to 64600 to get alerts to your phone.

Kadeidra Diggles, recently placed 3rd in our Spring 2020 Poetry Contest, where writers came up with their best work to the ‘Weather Indoors’ prompt. We had an amazing group of submissions and we are excited to share the winners. We want to send a big shout-out to everyone who competed, we hope you submit again. Take a look at a brief bio for Kadeidra, an amazing writer, and then give her a follow and leave a comment.


Social media pages: @thatskdiggs @greenteanhoneyy -

Bio: I am 26 years old from Carrollton, TX. I’ve been writing on and off since I was younger, but have recently rediscovered my passion for poetry. I’m an Aries and proud! I have one younger sister who supports me in everything I do. I am a very passionate person which I hope can be felt through each and every poem I write.


TOPIC: “Weather Indoors”

I. Can’t. Swim.

Save me from this devastation I’m in.

A hurricane has swept all of my memories away.

My tears are lost in this sea of chaos.

Drowning beneath where we laid, and laughed, and loved.

I can see the sky above us.

If we can swim to the top maybe we can save ourselves from drowning.

Surrounded by the remnants of a happy home.

Submerged in regret.

Too late now.

Hurricane Diggs has settled, and set, and called this place her new home.


Thanks for reading, be sure to follow up with Kadeidra and show some support to her writing. We want to also thank all of the other writer for submitting and supporting the Rooted Minds Blog. If you or someone you know loves to write, be sure to visit or subscribe on our website.


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