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Spring Poetry Contest 2020 | Brandon

Updated: May 30, 2020

What’s good everyone, we are back with another round of results for our Seasonal Poetry Contest. This time around we did not have a bunch of submissions, but the ones that we did receive were all quality. So before you continue, but sure to subscribe to our email list or text iamrootco to 64600 to get alerts to your phone.

Brandon Smith, also known as, ShallowNThaDeep just placed second in our Spring 2020 Poetry Contest. They wrote to the topic 'Weather Indoors.' We had some amazing submissions and we definitely thank everyone for submitting. Leave us some comments below and let us know what topic you want to see for the next one.

Social media: IG, Twitter, and FB are all @ShallowNthaDeep

Bio: Peace and Love y’all I’m Brandon, aka ShallowNthaDeep! I’m originally from Los Angeles, California. I’ve been writing poetry since 7th grade, and have always been intrigued by art and those who create it. I use poetry as a means of expression of innermost secrets, and as an escape from the madness of mind and reality. Other than poetry, I have a mental health-themed podcast called “The Garden Podcast” (available on all streaming platforms). I also bake and sell homemade cheesecakes (@thebakinglotus on IG). I’ve also been a contributor to the Rooted Minds blog for almost 2 years now, and look to continue growing as an artist and individual within the collective.


Topic: Weather Indoors

I awoke this morning to visions of

pale gold light spilling from my window.

The sweet sound of birds

singing their songs,

interrupted only by the subtle sighs

of She.

Warmth sitting still in my room, broken only by the soft breeze bringing notes

of cherry blossoms and coming rain.

Dipping into the shade,

A spark. A flame.

Dense clouds rolling about my feet,

creeping up the walls until all is lost in

a fog.

No gloom in this haze.

We drift lazily thru the overcast,

slowly descending back to reality.

Peace. Calm. The clouds dissipate.

Sunlight wanes as we slumber,

golden beacons transform to waves of purple and orange, cascading across

my bed and She...

Enter bedroom. Enter moon.

Temperature rises as tension leads to touch.

Fire and ice meet as bodies collide,

A brewing storm of passion and angst.

Souls ebb and flow like waves crashing on rocky shores,

Thunder reverberates throughout my room, and lightning cracks the very foundation we lay on.

This storm grows by the minute,

an endless torrential downpour cleansing us of our very sins.

We savor the moments, riding each wave until the rains finally cease.

The thunder passes into the distance,

the calm returns, and we return to slumber.

Just to do it all again tomorrow.


Thanks for reading, be sure to follow up with Brandon and show some support to his writing, podcast, and baked goods business. We want to also thank all of the other writers for submitting and supporting the Rooted Minds Blog. If you or someone you know loves to write, be sure to visit or subscribe on our website.

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