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RM Spotlight Feature | P Savant

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Music plays a different role for everyone, some people use it as therapy, some as a way to express, others as a way to get hype or even to calm down. Honestly for a lot of us, it does all of the above, just depends on the day. Music has a way about helping is get through our days and even get our messages across to the world, to a friend, significant other or family member.

We are blessed to have another interview for the people. It features P. Savant a recording artist, rapper, poet, and educator here in the Valley. He’s done some tremendous work building a name for himself in our community, and we want to shine some light on that.

This feature is coming around the release of a big project for P. Savant and we are glad to be apart of the roll out for A.W.E. He’s performed on a number of our stages and attended many shows as a guest of I Am Root Events (

Be sure to read up and tap in with this one. We want to know what you think about his story and his music, in the comments below.

Shot by India

Artist Bio:

P. Savant is truly a Dark Horse Candidate in the Arizona rap community. He is originally from St. Thomas, USVI. P. Savant moved to Ithaca, NY a small college town in upstate New York at the age of 11. He has been in Arizona for 4 years and has embraced the Phoenix art community. Shout out to Tucson as well. His upcoming project A.W.E is slated to be released June 21st. It will be available on all streaming platforms. For more updates please check him out on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Tik Tok at psavant07.

PSavant on the mic
Shot by Seafoam

P. Savant is definitely rooted in the Phoenix art scene, we always see him around with different groups, performing or just showing love. He represents the type of artists that a city needs in order to make it feel welcoming for others. It could be him just bringing the east coast flavor out west, but his love for music and community is a recipe for success.

P. Savant feat. Lofty Lyn - Shogun Status (Official Song Teaser)

Produced by Jae$Rich

Engineered by Ayie Biie of The Melodic Factory

This one starts off smooth yet gritty at the same time. Lofty's vocal adds a good texture to the sound. The bounce of the beat creates a good pocket for P. Savant to utilize with his flow. Make sure you listen to the full version, it'll have you saying "I Want Championships!"

His music, in some ways has always opened us up to his perspective and given us thought provoking and real things to look at. Through the vehicle of modern images, metaphors, and examples we get to look into the mirror, a bit, through his music or stories. We connect to the experiences and for music lovers, that's a plus, when discovering a new artist.


The official cover art for A.W.E by P. Savant


RM: Rooted Minds

PS: PSavant

RM: Who is P Savant?

PS: That’s an interesting question because I always tell folks about myself. I always feel like I say a lot about myself. However I am a vulnerable rapper who is not afraid to be honest or transparent. I think this is really important for me as a storyteller. As I continue to make music, the more honest I become as a person. I also think this is what makes me unique but not different. I have to be honest, that’s a part of my character. I sometimes feel like honesty can get me into trouble because I know honesty can scare people. Especially if you want to keep things private or if you don’t want to hurt any feelings. Also if you give too much of yourself right away that can scare people. It’s cool though because I am just being myself.

RM: What types of music did you listen to growing up and how is it different now? 

PS: I listened to everything except country and folk growing up. However I do like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. I guess I lean heavily towards Dancehall Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Rap, R&B, Jazz, Blues and different types of Rock. The Beatles, Nirvana, The Clash and Bad Brains are a few rock bands I love. Since I rap, I grew up listening to Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas a lot of East Coast rap. But I also loved listening to Snoop Dogg, OutKast, Ice Cube, Kanye West, etc. Those artists really captivated me with their stories.

P. Savant (L), J Protege (M), John Cornelio (R) Shot by Jade Brown

RM: What influences you to create?

PS: My family. Growing up I wanted to show my mom and sisters that someone could be confident using their voice. We came from the Caribbean so it was difficult at first navigating the US but we adapted. If people listen to my music, DAD on A Modern Pharaoh Dreams gives them a little insight into my family. That project is on SoundCloud. Although I know it’s not my best work you can hear the confidence in my approach.

Shot by Seafoam

RM: What are you hoping people take away from your upcoming project? 

PS: I hope people hear the growth when they compare it to A Modern Pharaoh Dreams. I worked with Jae$Rich again who is one of my East Coast plugs. He resides in Philadelphia. His beats are the reason I can be vulnerable because they are so intricate and sometimes complex. Ayie Biie engineered the project. I feel like she’s underrated because she was my cheat code on this project. Lofty Lyn was featured on a few tracks and made those tracks so much better. People in Phoenix and Arizona may know Ayie Biie and Lofty Lyn from the collective Mahogany 4. I just want people to hear how fucking dope these individuals are and how the pushed me to be better. They do say steel sharpens steel.

RM: What does music mean to you and how has it been a blessing in your life? 

PS: Music is history lessons. It is such a huge part of the foundation of society’s across the world. Music helps to shape a society’s culture. Think about all the cultures around the world and how unique the music is to that specific culture. Music can also be the catalyst for change. It has been a blessing to me because my lyrics are my personal journal or personal diary. I give people a piece of my life and my brain. It also has helped me meet some dope individuals. I mean if it wasn’t for music I would have never met all the good folks over at IamRoot Co.

RM: Who goes on your hip-hop Mt. Rushmore?

PS: This is a good one. 1. Notorious B.I.G 2. Jay-Z 3. Nas 4. Ice Cube 5. Tupac/Big L. I mean the 5 spot is hard. It just is to me. I love Pac and Big L a lot. I can’t leave either one off of my list. Maybe a top 6?

P. Savant and Lofty - Shot by India

RM: Who are some of your dream collaborations? 

PS: Buju Banton, Ice Cube, Jay-Z, Nas, MF Doom, Andra Day, J. Cole, Skepta, Burna Boy, Leon Bridges, Raphael Saadiq, Popcaan, Davido, Brittany Howard, Jorja Smith, Andra Day, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliot, Pharrell and Sade. Sharon Jones as well but she passed, SIP.

RM: Take us through the process of the song 'Gria' and the video treatment...

PS: Gria was really about my adventures in my past relationships as far as the lyrics. I’ll keep that private out of respect. See that is a perfect example of the earlier point about keeping certain things private. The video was suppose to be about meeting someone on a date in a park but it didn’t work out towards the end of the video. We then decide to go our separate ways. Instead it just became me enjoying some Sangria which is why the song is named Gria and making the best out of a bad situation. Instead of me chilling by myself, it became me chilling with my homie Lofty Lyn. India shot the video and we just brainstormed finding a dope rose garden. The rest became the video.

RM: What was the biggest lesson you've learned with planning, composing, and executing a project like this?

PS: The biggest lesson was having a budget for sure. Also don’t overthink things because this will be my first project on streaming platforms. I still have so much growth and I’m excited for that aspect. The journey is what matters. Nipsey Hussle said it’s a marathon so I keep that in mind.

RM: What advice would you give to an artist that is having difficulty committing to music? 

PS: Well find some dope people who are willing to help you and believe in you. In turn believe in those dope individuals. Also everything takes time so just enjoy the journey.

Follow P. Savant on Snapchat at PSavant007


We hope that this interview help to shed some light on this amazing brother. P. Savant, who is dedicated, hardworking, and a consistent guy. He provides the city with a unique ear and love for music and a strong sense of community/support.

Be sure to stream his new project, A.W.E. If the project is out by the time that this blog comes out, then be sure to check the links below so that you can be one of the first people to help run the streams up.

Here is the track list for A.W.E:

  1. The Dark Horse Candidate

  2. Shogun Status (ft. Lofty Lyn)

  3. Gria (ft. Lofty Lyn)

  4. Interlude

  5. Pharaoh Down

  6. Social Awkwardness (ft Lofty Lyn)

Social Awkwardness is one of our standout picks on the project. We didn't get any exclusive listens, so we say that with the project only being out for 24hours. But that track captured a realness about the way people feel everyday. Social Awkwardness is a real thing! The beat was dope, and real captivating. Lofty's presence on the track helped to elevate the message and round off the vibe. P. Savant came in with a verse and tone that demanded your ear. This one could make for a cool video as well, maybe a one take or something. We'd like to hear what you think.

P. Savant ft Lofty Lyn - Gria (official music video)

Gria visual!

Directed by India!

A.W.E Coming Soon!

Produced by Jae$Rich

Engineered by Ayie Biie of The Melodic Factory

This track is a fun record by P. Savant that brings us nostalgic island vibes, as well as real hip-hop energy. We are glad to see his first music video off to a good start. Drop A comment below and let us know what you thought about the song, verses, and feature by Lofty. It was definitely a good listen for us, the storytelling, the hook, and the beat all came together well.

For the I Am Root Brand and the Rooted Minds Blog, it is our mission to inspire and celebrate our peers and the people who support our movement. This man is a great guy on and off the mic, so be sure to follow his social media pages and like, comment, and subscribe to his content.

If you know someone in mind that we should interview, drop their names in the comments or send us a message with their info and we will check them out. Email or dm us on IG @iamrootco


Website: for more interview content




A Modern Pharaoh's Dream by P. Savant at Rooted Sessions

Before you go, check out this video clip of P. Savant doing his thing on stage at The Rebel Lounge, in Phoenix for one of our Rooted Sessions events. This is one of our favorite tracks by him and we are looking forward to more heat and more vibes.

We send our thanks to P. Savant for being open to our interview and very communicative throughout the process. We appreciate his support and connection. #letsgrow

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