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Quick Write: The Art Scene in Quarantine

The art scene everywhere has been greatly impacted by Covid-19, creatives all over are learning to adjust and take things to a more digital landscape. We want to know what things you all are doing at home to stay ahead of the curve and keep your small businesses afloat.

I know that for some artists that I’ve spoken to, especially the music producers, they’ve been using this additional time home to cook up new beats and they just get to lock in on projects for longer. While on the other hand some of the people I’ve spoken with are hitting a block in terms of creative flow.

I’ve been experiencing both as a creative artist and as an entrepreneur, I’ve hit the creative block, but I‘ve also found a new stride in re-configuring my business mindset. With their being no events for us to produce at all, I’ve had time to plot on and think about new ways to do business moving forward.

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