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Quick Tips w/ Dom Root: Music to check out

Hey Rooted family, I wanted to tap in with you all and share some local and popular music suggestions. This will include either singles, videos, EPs, or playlists that are worth checking out. Music is a huge part of my day, most of my mornings and nights start with music, so I hope you enjoy some of my picks. I almost never shy away from a chance to control the aux chord (unless I’m around one of my DJ friends). I am going to share 10 picks, there is no special order. If you have some music that you think I should check out, drop it in the comments below. #passtheaux

Check these out!

  1. Leewater - Bae

  2. Brent Faiyaz - Fuck the World

  3. Zil - Outer Peace [Official Music Video]

  4. Lewis Santana - Pressure

  5. Kaash Paige - 64

  6. Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)

  7. Prophesy - Raised Around Crips

  8. Pk tha Poet - Earth Child ft Sunny Kartel & Res Lauren [Official Music Video] -

  9. Samara Cyn - D.A.B -

  10. Qiayz -


Check out some of this music and get familiar with the artists. These are some tracks that I’ve come across and thought that it would be dope to share it with you all. If you want more information on how to follow them or if you need more information leave us a comment. In the meantime keep uplifting others and showing support.


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