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Quick Tips w/ Dom Root: Growth Check 2020

These are interesting times and I hope that you are staying safe and remaining thoughtful in all that you do. We are receiving extreme pressure socially to protect our personal space and health. So we want to send you love and light and hope that you are taking any extra time to think bout your personal brand and authentic ways that you can build it.

10 things you can do to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Free Writing/ Brainstorming — Set a timer for 60 - 420 seconds or more and just write (no editing, no deleting, just go) for visual artists this could be doodling.

  2. Write down the top brands in your market or the top people who do what you do and familiarize yourself with their journeys. Go on YouTube and Google Search to start.

  3. Time Management Audit - take a look at what you spend the most time doing per day, week, and month. Find areas where you can start to try new ventures, take on more projects, or look for opportunities.

  4. Listen to music and consume new content (reading, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.)

  5. Travel, Socialize, and engage with community. This is where you boost your life game. Go out into the world and experience the good, the bad, and the in between.

  6. Workout, Hike, Travel or find ways to experience nature (alone or in a small group).

  7. Build a vision board — using apps like canva or adobe spark post, you can create digital collages or you can do it the old school way with magazines, scissors, tape and glue.

  8. Chats with family or friends, this is a cool way of getting perspective and bounces ideas off of people that really know you (Or think they know you).

  9. Do something fun, take the time to treat and take care of yourself and your personal happiness. Whatever fun looks like for you, do that

  10. Make sure that you are eating something healthy as often as you can and getting some rest, this will at least ensure that your brain is firing at full capacity.


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