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Quarantine Dreams pt.1

I stayed home today.

Plagued with a sense of do-good and get-right,

determined to keep the evils at bay.

I stayed home today.

Going through the usual motions,

the same fail-safe routines passed down from elders on high.

Tradition always knew the way.

I stayed home today,

gripped with the pondering of "what if...?" and " what?"

Imagination tipped just beyond insanity,

the sheer weight of the unknown caved in my chest.

Panicked breaths bursting forth from a vise

fever dreams of an outside world void of me

Since when did purgatory look like my room?

...a pause...

2 puffs and my chest inflates,

everything slows, and I shake my mind free of the unknown

Almost grasping the balance between reality and cautious optimism.

*deeper breaths*

i stayed home today.

just to feel safe.

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