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One Single Rose | 1st Place Winner | Spring Poetry Contest

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Our Spring Poetry Contest was filled with amazing creatives and so many new friends in poetry. We thank you for your entries and support, our hope is to see you again in future poetry contests. Thanks to our sponsors over at BRAVO Pay and I Am Root Apparel for making the prizes for this contest phenomenal.

Catch our interview with all three of the winners live on Instagram this Friday, June 4th hosted by blog member Niamey Thomas. (RSVP below.)

1st Place Winner | One Single Rose


Rosemarie Wilson a.k.a.One Single Rose is an award-winning poet and playwright, spoken word artist, singer, actress, filmmaker and author of three self-published poetry collections, nice and naughty chapbooks. Her notable performances include the Floacist’s Flovertex and Sidewalk Festivals of the Performing Arts in Detroit, MI, Kistrech Poetry Festival in Kisii and Nairobi, Kenya, Piton International Film Festival in St. Lucia as well as touring Europe in

2012. She is currently a featured artist and songwriter with Defected Records and her poetry has found homes with various publishers such as Broadside-Lotus Press, two of the oldest African-American presses in the United States. One of her poetic dreams came

true in 2021’s National Poetry Month wherein she became the first poet to be filmed in Motown Records’ legendary Studio A. Her non-profit motivational workshop series One Single Roses Bloom centers on inspiring bright youngSTARS and seasoned adults to fearlessly follow their passions.

For more information on One Single Rose, please visit



The First Time by One Single Rose

I held myself captive for years. Trapped within the darkness, this little light of mine didn’t shine; my voice hushed within personal insecurities passed down by society. Daddy long-legs blessed me with a stature considered intimidating. Thicknesses of these lips and hips are frequently frowned upon. Consistently defending the beautiful brown I was born with, cognac hues fashioned as a safeguard remain on the front line for persons who take offense. Above-average intellect terrified below-average wit. Dumb and Dumber knocked my block off for the last time then I realized I’ve got to get comfortable living in the skin I’m in. I can only be me. I had to step outside of the box to live in color, proud and out loud; no longer slave to shade thrown by societal suggestions. No more wallowing in silence. My pen became my siren and sword. I pushed poems like weight writing past pain on paper that covered my will which was hard as rock; cut through bullshit with scissors before rock cried out it’s time to escape. Keys used in the prison break left indentations on my hand before being released from its death grip— the lone abductor, the alleys of my mind. Blinded by a so-called flawless culture, I met myself for the very first time.

The first time ever I saw my face… There I was, tall, dark and handsome, smart, thicker than a snicker.

Finally, I fell in love with me. Physical attributes may permit descending gazes toward those threatened by altitude. I vow to encourage my people because the only time you should look down on a man is when you’re picking him up. Overweight lovers are frequently shunned by jealous flatbacks who pay for butt shots and lip lifts. I don’t think they’re ready for this jelly. It’s party time in celebration of life! So let’s jam! This skin color is a blessing, deceptively labeled curse. Tides will one day return to an era when we were Adam and Eve, kings and queens, rulers of peaceful civilizations. Knick knack, paddy whack, give us back our bones. Let haters hate, while naysayers, negate. You control your fate. Thank your old self for bringing you through. Be content with who you are. Strive for better to ensure you’ll become someone you can tolerate for the rest of your days. Open your eyes. Look in the mirror. Love on your reflection. If you can’t do so, do you expect anyone else will? If you’ve never appreciated you, the next time you actually see yourself I hope it will be the first time ever you saw your face.

© Rosemarie Wilson aka One Single Rose All Rights Reserved


One Single Rose will win $100 thanks to our friends at Bravo Pay and merch from our home team I Am Root Apparel. Thank you again to all of the contestants, voters, judges, and supporters.

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