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On Fire

Emotions, worn on our sleeves

gassed by the pain transmitted

on our screens, at just 60 seconds

at a time, we have to come to grips

with a number of realities,

both large and small.

Our pain is invisible

to the people who need to see it most.

At what cost is a life worth saving,

as we look out across the nation

at cities on fire. Doused by the

stress of covid, unemployment,

racism, hunger, trauma and

a lack of humanity, a disconnect

in how we communicate and show empathy.

Our voices fall on deaf ears,

so we build our own platforms,

which allow us to heal, but

in a segmented kind of way,

as we end up sharing our stories

with people who share our stories

and sometimes that can add to

negative feelings, hearing about

the pain of our experiences,

each one different, but connected

each person just wanting to be accepted.

So when you feel that you can't be seen or heard, what do you do?

No protest is the 'right' protest, when your'e on the side that has to give.

So the ones that feel oppressed have to fight to create leverage,

in a social-warfare, property can be rebuilt, but when lives are lost

repeatedly, we all have to answer for it.

The oppressed by voicing their concerns and stating their grievances.

The oppressors by listening and being empathetic to how their power,

or fear impacts the experience that others have with them.

Things will burn, literally and as an expression until the system burns.


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