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Message to Men an Ode to Women

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Message to Men an Ode to Feminist*

The appreciation of women only happens by structuring the environment in a way they agree with

He in this lies the crux of modern madness

See I’ve looked at history deep

Read the books and the secrets they keep

And what i have to say is women have not been able to speak

I fucking hate rhymes but i needed to get your attention

We are 4 years away from 100 years of women being able to vote

Yes, in this 96th year of inclusion I ask you to think of what period of history was female friendly?

Men we are nothing but dirty rotten sons of daughters

We have all disrespected our mothers

What do you think rape means?

It was not roves of women rolling into cities

They rebuild our homes and families after every war but never our societies

It if it hasn’t not been our hand at their throats then whos

We all know how to listen to them, how else did we learn to talk

Why then did we forget to hear

Or learn the basic truth that the human struggle has been to get women to safety

And now that we are here, what is the only thing dangerous to them?

Negativity aside we have done well to create this platform called the future

And we have done well in the direction of inclusion but the reason why our relationships are failing in this generation is because we are to smart to not to be able to understand this poem for what it is

an apology

And a reminder that the goal always was to make the deep sacrifice

Which is for now listen and act accordingly


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