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Meet Shane Murray - Let Us Vent

Shane's poem is titled "The Wood"

Poem: the wood (inspired from the movie , “The Wood”)

This is the wood. Always up to no good and it’s 30 minutes away from Hollywood.

Rolling down streets like Market, Eucalyptus, and Tamarack. Riding with the homies , cracking jokes like ,”Mrs. Hughes, where is page 15 at ?”

Riding on Century, thinking about the dances at St. Mary’s. She ain’t my girl, but I treat her like royalty, like she grew up on Queen street.

Pulled up to the Inglewood Swapmeet to get some new shoes on my feet. Then go to the Soulfood Shack or Serving Spoon to get something to eat.

After I get off my 9-5, I’m like Big Mike trying to find where my Alicia at . Hoping I don’t run into Stacey.

Pull up to her like Slim, let’s go half on a baby. Just kidding please don’t hit me .

This is the wood, city of champions. Home of the Forum and Solfi, where lady and gents come to look fly.

The people and the businesses are the city’s Monalisa’s violence has improved but people still get nervous shivering like Roland when he was trying to marry Lisa.

Still acknowledge the nights at the Savoy, picking up women with my homeboys. This is the memories, the trials, and tribulations. This goes out to everyone from the wood .



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