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Meet Kahari Young - Let Us Vent

Digital Dystopia by Kahari The Poet

The Age Of Detachment

reality is not reality anymore

a new Cold War

community is not community anymore

a new silent war

global is the new local

attention on suspension

intuition intruded

eye contact feels useless

logical fallacies in fashion

rationality losing its traction

fragmentation overthrowing the nation

impatience replacing patience

quotations of quiet desperation

false prophets insist to be in our midst

viral virus

depravity ruling academies

armies of zombies

broken faculties

broken families

enchanted by the cult of personality

love is merely a formality

gossip is spread like the gospel

hard to finish a novel

let alone an article

collective plight

brain drain

more Frankensteins than Einsteins

blue light is given the greenlight

age of excess

24/7 recess

the present in its detriment

alone on our phones together

welcome to the age of artificial intelligence

where everyone is a professor

thirsty to be relevant

egotistic lectures

trapped in a prism of digital narcissism

trapped in a prism of digital barbarism

beguiled by the wiles of counterfeit messiahs

being desensitized is normalized

secondhand ptsd on the rise

the simple things in life overanalyzed

good vibes weaponized

material objects lionized

animal instincts exploited

hard questions avoided





look what the world has become

lone wolves on the run


the new rule of thumb

spiritual distance

everything everywhere

all at once


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