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Magic by Dom Root

I consume and project all that is around me, in search of a solution

Or a some kind of message I can give profoundly

Sounding off

On the issues and bothers

And the way I see it now

We have to connect to go further

I cant take my sword

And wu-tang every troll

when there's a much bigger premise

To a narrative that's getting old


deep down

We all know what to say

But what makes us bite our tongues

Leaves room for the hate

So great...

Most of us prolly stay in the house

Silently working all alone

We got shit to figure out

On YouTube and forums

Studying who we trynna be

In Hope's to build a business model

That we can test on the homies...


You can do that

Or you can do both,

By working on yourself

just write collab in the notes

Then bring it all together

Next class of young goats.

Who connect to make magic,

And when the cycle is continued

We all ready for action


How good would that be

For you to build where you sleep

And everyday you wake up

To goals marked complete

Tell me

How would that feel?

Probably like magic

with Kareem

Or Kobe and Phil

Or when Lebron

Made the move

that put him over the hill

Where collaboration meets passion

Let's make that magic and build

Why y'all still listening to me

You should go connect in the field.

Dom Root 2019


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