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Looking back at House of LUV 2020

For the 6th year of Let Us Vent we curated a week's worth of events. House of LUV was our finale and it featured three amazing Saxophone players here in the Valley. They came together to display their individual talent but also their ability to play together, improvise, and entertain.

House of LUV was produced by I Am Root Events and Ashton Vaughn Charles

I Am Root Co. is a Lifestyle Brand that specializes in events and productions for Local, Underground, and Emerging creative arts. The I Am Root Collective is made up of 8 independent artists and a blog team whose mission is to inspire and be inspired.

I Am Root LLC. also curates quarterly live music showcases, monthly open-mics, special release events, and specialty shows across Arizona. We work with local, emerging, and underground artists, the Maricopa Community College School District, Arizona State University Organizations, Non-Profit organizations and others to help push the culture and create a community for artists and art appreciators. We focus a great deal on the comfort of our guests and providing an overall eye-opening experience. We like to feature networking mixers, live poetry, music performances, art-exhibits, film-screenings, and more.

We are here to inspire and be inspired.

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