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Another day, another fight.

Going into the streets to get what we deserve.

What does it mean to be human?

To be without barriers…

To live without fear of harm…

To exist fully, unapologetically, as you are.

What does it mean to be free?

To not fight for your basic needs…

To do what you love, to create…

To be fully, unapologetically, as you are.

Imagine letting go of your fears…

Breathing in and out with nothing but love,

Allowing yourself to grow beyond anyone’s expectations,

Even your own.

Flying high, soaring into the clouds,



Letting the world open its celestial doors of being…

Fully, unapologetically, as you are.

We go into the streets to fight for what we deserve!

We march, calling upon our ancestors

to give us strength

To give us guidance 

To open their arms 

So we can be…


Unapologetically, as we are.

We rally the battle cries…

Y sigue la lucha! 

Y sigue la lucha…

Hasta nuestra liberacion.

Lucho por ti, porque eres mi hermano y hermana

Lucho por ti porque tu alma es mi alma

Lucho por ti porque tu lucha es mi lucha

Hasta nuestra liberacion.

Te veo y todo lo que ves 

Te siento y todo lo que sientes 

Te amo y todo lo que amas

Porque soy tu y tu eres yo

We are one, somos uno

One community, una comunidad

Tu lucha es mi lucha 

Hasta nuestra liberacion.

I will stand by your side, 

I will hold your hand, 

I will empower you to see all the beauty and power that you hold.

I will stand up for you even when I am afraid, 

You are my brother, 

You are my sister,

You are me and I am you.

I see you and everything you see

I feel you and everything you feel

I love you and everything you love.

Until our liberation, 

Your fight is my fight.

Until our liberation.

Until you can be fully, unapologetically as you are.

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