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Let Us Vent, From the Crib! (What to expect this Saturday)

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

The LUV event will be live streamed to YouTube and Twitch for the 2021 celebration. LUV has been an amazing part of our coming up story and we want to keep the annual vibes going. Check out this article to read more about what’s all happening around the LUV Event this year —-

The Poetry Contest is up and running and you can actually vote now at — voting open until 2/21 -- The winners all recieve I Am Root Apparel and a cash prize. 1st = $200 | 2nd = $100 | 3rd = $50

The Live stream will start on Saturday February 13th featuring Performances, Interviews, and Small Business Commercials. The even will be about 3 hours and will be available for replay after the stream ends.

To be one of the first to know when we are live visit, subscribe and set a reminder ——

For Performances we have a combination of specially pre-recorded music selections from the amazing artists listed below. We will also be featuring some LUV throwback performance moments with artists like Louie Fish, Goddess L, Antoinette Cauley, Poetess Love, and Mahogney.

Urban Poet - Poetry

Leewater - Music

Kahari Young - Poetry

Spirit Sahriel - Poetry

Dom Root - Music

Stone on Sax - Music

Niamey Thomas - Poetry

Travis White - Poetry

John Cornelio - Music

Niambi Agent - Poetry

In addition to the pre-recorded performances we will be featuring music videos from Dom Root, debuting the video to his song Suede ft. Lee Water. We will be showcasing Zil’s debut song and video titled Going Ghost, and Dre’Quel's videos for Panties Off and ?.

We have the luxury of interviewing some folks very close to the brand and we talk about everything from the New Music to New mantras. From the Vaccine to our favorite shows to watch during quarantine.

Eric Totton - Owner of Dreamz into Goals

DIG helped to mentor and inspire the I Am Root brand, especially between 2011-2015. Dreamz into Goals is an amazing brand and platform. Follow DIG at

Trav the White —- Travis White is a philosopher of language, he has a B.S. in Anthropology from the University of Western New Mexico and currently works with the I Am Root Co. art collective. He uses media ecology to approach language asking what are the movements that words cause. Investigating the human experience from an evolutionary perspective he uses the works and lives of Marshall Mcluhan, Alfred Korzybski, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Buckminster Fuller in his attempt to explain what humans are by describing what humans are doing.

Stone on Sax —- Stone on Sax is a musician and entrepreneur from Racine, Wisconsin. He's been putting in work in the Valley and making his mark with Get Ready Entertainment. You can follow stone

Fransisco Phoenics — Fransisco is a Music Artist, Host, and Entrepreneur from Compton, California. He's a member of the I Am Root Collective and owner of the RWRS Network. You can check out his brand

Kristi Sprowl —- Kristi is a vivacious city girl from Inglewood, CA that loves all things health and wellness. She has a passion for communities of color and helping them find their truth in health, relationships and life. Her hobbies include singing, writing and traveling. She seeks to build connections with compassionate people whenever possible and uses her voice and knowledge to focus on people's growth and healing. With her graduate education, she has been able to navigate in a range of public health arenas from the non profit, county, federal and health delivery setting. Using her creative mind, she has assisted in developing multiple projects and curriculums based around healthy living. She loves life and lives it to the fullness of her potential! She is a writer for the Rooted Minds Blog and you can follow her here.

In addition to our interviews we will be looping in some advertisements from members of the community who are building their brands and businesses. The brands that we will feature include DiVoy’e Inc., Vintage Oats, RWRS Network, Bravo Pay, and our very own I Am Root Apparel.

DiVoy’e Inc — YouTuber, Content Creator, Actor

Vintage Oats —- Small Business - Phoenix, AZ

RWRS Network —- Radio Show, Music Podcast, Network

Bravo Pay ——

I Am Root Apparel was started in 2011 —- A clothing brand, spreading love and positivity.

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