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I'm Not a Love Poet - Defined by Poetry Hype

"Defined by Poetry Hype" is not just a web series; it's a journey into the heart and soul of five remarkable poets, each with a unique voice that resonates with the world. In collaboration with I Am Root Brand, this captivating series invites you into the intricate minds of Urban Poet, Jay Tatum, ShallowNThaDeep, Chantell Rodgers, and Truth B Told.

Every Thursday at 11 am, tune in to the @iamrootbrand YouTube Channel for an intimate session with these poetic maestros as they unveil the layers of their most cherished verses. Much like the insightful breakdowns on Genius's Verified, each episode is a poetic expedition, delving stanza by stanza into the profound narratives, emotions, and revelations concealed within their verses.

Get ready to experience the power of words that evoke joy, tears, testimonies, and truths. These poets will not only share their poems but also unravel the stories behind the verses, creating a profound connection between the audience and the art of poetry. Join us on this poetic odyssey where every word is a universe, and every episode is a celebration of the beauty that lies within the language of the heart. "Defined by Poetry Hype" — where poetry meets passion, and every stanza defines a new chapter in the book of human emotions.


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