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"I LOVE Naomi Campbell and Drake beats Kendrick" This or That Episode #36 with Jade Flagg

Thanks for Playing "This or That" Joined by Mrs. IAMROOT BRAND aka Jade Flagg This or That - Web Series: Pick a side! 😂❤😈👀 #thisorthat #iamrootbrand #interview #arizonacontent This or That is a web series by @iamrootbrand it is a fun and engaging questions about everyday life, food, music, sports, and pop culture filmed interview style. We ask locals to choose between two very tough options on the This or That Web series. Jade - 00:00 - This or That 09:05 Keep it Playa Join this channel to get access to perks: — I Am Root Co. is a Lifestyle Brand that specializes in events and productions for Local, Underground, and Emerging creative arts. The I Am Root Collective is made up of 7 independent artists and a blog/media team whose mission is to inspire and be inspired. Please subscribe! Links: Twitter:​ Instagram:​ Facebook:​ Website:​ Email: Donate: Donate: Please subscribe!


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