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House of LUV - Sax, Soul, and Synergy

If you made it out to the Rebel Lounge on Saturday February 22nd, then you witnessed a one of a kind event put on by I Am Root Events and Ashton Vaughn Charles.

We put the spotlight on three Valley Saxophonists, who are all from different backgrounds. They showcased their individual diverse skills and came together to show what unity looks like to them. These gentleman rehearsed and put in the work to be able to lay the foundation for this kind of event here in the valley. The night focused on the unity that we can build behind the music. The room was filled with all ages and perspectives and it was an important night for Phoenix, Arizona.

LET US VENT or a popularly coined term 'LUV,' has completed it's 6th year around the sun. In the past, poets, music artists, musicians, and visual creatives have all had the opportunity to get on the mic or were encouraged to express themselves without judgement or hatred. We've created a space for artists to really use their art to heal, advance community conversation, and more. Sometimes though, saxophone is typically an instrument that supplements the vibe of an event. But not this time! We made it all about the sax.

We'd like to extend a special thanks to Anneke Marie and DJ Juma for guiding the night and providing vibes that everybody could get down to. In addition I Am Root Events would like to thank Ashton Vaughn Charles, Ray Flagg, and Stone on Sax for the amount of work they put into their performance. We'd like to thank the fans and supporters for pulling up and showing out. We know that you had plenty of options for entertainment on a Saturday night, and we thank you for rocking with us. Let's send a shoutout to Christanie Hunter for being a vendor. Lastly, a big thank you to The Rebel Lounge and their staff for working hands-on with us to make this night a great one.

Here are some photos from Melissa Zieske a huge thank you to her for the pre-event and event photos.

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