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Updated: May 27, 2020

Who did the cocaine in the 1970s, 1980’s? The same people who couldn't afford their houses in 2008. If the entire generation did not hand over their cash to the cartels, alcohol manufacturers, and sugar dealers could they have owned their houses outright? The obvious problem of The United States of America is the appalling leadership and even more disgusting followers. How did we get here? SSRI’s, cocaine, booze, marijuana, sugar, caffeine.

The most intoxicated generation ever is currently in power, and if we do not take it seriously we will follow them up with the second most intoxicated generation. This is why the world is confusing, scary, and without any rational plan.

Marshall McLuhan pointed out that the individual who grows up in the electronic world would be more apt to enjoy a personal trip than to endure an external journey. Look at Disneyland's, the tourist destinations, people travel only to try and feel like they would at home under the perfect conditions, the difference between cut and pure. Look at the political rhetoric, it's all about feeling, even though our population is at its highest and violence at its lowest we feel more unsafe now.

If we have more population with less violence how do we feel less safe? The answer to that question lies in the crux of this paper, the entire population of the United States is absolutely too doped up to figure out what is going on because they are unable to escape their own personal feelings.

Its no surprise that the feelings of one leader in America and the feelings of another make it to where they can not talk if either were to hold an actual conversation they would have to leave their personal trip. Listen to the dialogue that happens, descriptions of feelings, no one is offering descriptions of individuals working hard, sacrificing.

Look at the coverage of our wars, where there would be pictures of bodies, children maimed, women with thousand-yard stares post traumatically distressed, there are two people talking about the feelings of things. There are twice as many people in the Muslim and Christian religions than the entire world's population during world war one and world war two, yet more people die per year worldwide from suicide than violent conflict. More people die worldwide from killing themselves than violent conflict, let that settle in. It's clear that an entire generation of leaders has failed at explaining the world we actually live in.

How did the Mexican cartels get so rich and violent? American money. How did the Taliban become such a formidable force? American money. How did the resources of the world leave their homelands for our use? American money.

At some point in time, we are responsible directly for proliferating the patterns of behavior that are most prevalent around the world. Cocaine comes from the jungles of central and south America, the united states control the shipping lanes. 90 percent of the world's heroin comes from Afghanistan in the United States watch both land and sea.

There is a current opium epidemic in the United States, most of the current heroin users started off on prescription opioids. What does this mean? It means a large part of America got their first high from the bathroom, the doctor, wherever a medicine is stored and comes from. It means both our leadership and own personal negligence are directly responsible for the world we live in.

So what is the point of all of this? To ask everyone to stop for a moment and ask themselves what is really going on? Is the world bad or did we just ignore things and are confused as to what is actually going on?

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