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Heather Barton- Summer Poetry Contest

Heather was our Mystery Pick! She wrote an awesome poem for the contest, check it out below. It touches on self-worth and during these times her message is very necessary.

Meet Heather!

Short Bio

48 Late August Virgo middle child. Artist, Muse, Mother. Spiritually gifted holistic healer . Write Inspirational, self-help , spiritual, humour, poetry & Erotica. Create original ceramic works, as well as hand make Custom '$elfish~Bling' Shoes & accessory designs. Enjoy dancing, & singing & performing. You can find me, painting, sketching laughing and taking photos of what  slamming on in the kitchen. 

Arte is the Polish on the Diamond of My Soul.


Here is how we judged the contest


Topic: The Voice of Today


A Diamond is Highly Sought after

Dug out from the Deepest Depths of Darkness

Cleaned off

Excess cut away

Faceted, Refined

And Polished until it Sparkles

catching the Light and Reflecting the Beauty of what had previously been unseen all around it

The more Rare a Gemstone

The Higher it's potential value

It will also take more effort seeking it out with decidedly extra Super natural gifts being enhanced with exacting, exhaustive training in order for the end result to be as it was meant to

Admired and Proudly put out on Display for All to view and enjoy

To untrained observers. The yet Unearthed Gems

will appear as a dirty rocks or unattractive lumps of coal

To a Master Diamond Cutter a completly different Vision

They will take into account the geological History of where the potential Gem grew including rain and storms, of course noting if the needed elements are all contained within the many layers of darkness and constant daily Pressure required and actually NEEDED

For This Rare Gemstone





for all these reasons and many more

That are personal to you alone

Observe and acknowledge the Beauty

Around You.

Take a beat to stop, close your eyes,


Really be aware of what you are saying to yourself Mentally and Spiritually.

As well as what in your body is screaming for your Attention

Love, Admire and Cherish Yourselves

Tell Yourself and Others when you notice their Light Shining Qualities. While noticing other Gemstones, you may just becom more aware of your own LIGHT

Because you don't spit shine your DIAMONDS DARLING 💟💋

- Heather B


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