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Emmitt Dupree | Rooted Minds Spotlight Feature

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Peace and love, thanks for your continued support. Welcome back to another spotlight feature by the Rooted Minds Blog, where we connect with Artists and Entrepreneurs to learn about their journey and to celebrate the stories behind the brands and artist we support.

We are back with another feature, this time placing the spotlight on a music artist that we met here in Phoenix. I was first introduced to his music through a producer (Charlie Brown) who happened to live where I worked a few years ago.

Emmitt Dupree is a very talented music artist and it has been dope to witness the growth overtime. His consistency and dedication to his craft is a testament and inspiration to artists all over. We thank you for tapping in and we hope that you are able to learn something from his story and experiences. Plus, last night he released a music video for his new single “Rent.” You can check that out at the bottom of the interview.

By now, y'all should know how much I love music and connecting with the stories behind the music. This one is another banger, featuring an artist with an abundance of talent. As I mentioned before, I came across his music several years back through a music producer, Charlie Brown. I've kept an eye out on the work that they've been putting in. I even caught them live at The Sound of Arizona, which featured other dope artists like Lewis Santana and Jalopy Bungus. I also caught them at a backyard function where I heard Charlie Brown sing a little bit too. All in all they are both pretty dope multi-talented folks and I hope you get inspired by Emmitt's story. As always, we hope to put you on to your new favorite artist and Emmitt’s definitely got the skill and versatility to make it onto playlists across the world.

Now that we have finally got the story-time out of the way, I am excited to bring this interview to life. This has been several months in the making, and it’s dope to finally bring it to you. I hope you learn something new on this one. Emmitt has been great to work with during this process and we are proud to release this interview, as we close out Black History Month.

Bio: Emmitt Dupree is an artist that came up writing poetry and eventually found a love for rap and songwriting. As he's grown and developed over the years, he's learned to see himself as a brand and use his music to connect and sometimes build relationships.

Throughout his journey, Dupree’s artistic talents have resonated with many, as the world begins to notice the fierce musician. Lyrical Lemonade, Drink Champs, 101.1 The Beat, Power 98.3 & ELEVATOR have all caught on to Dupree, showing him love on their respective channels. Dupree has also gained the attention of fellow artists in the industry such as such as Daylyt, Mackwop, Isiah Rashad & REASON of TDE and Guapdad 4000, making it clear that he can grab your attention

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Lyrical lemonade



Rooted Minds Blog


Emmitt Dupree

RM: Rooted Minds

KE: King Emmitt

RM: When was your first time performing on stage and what was that experience like?

KE: My first time on stage was a nice while ago, more than 10 years or so in high school, it was exhilarating I can say & it’s still feels that way till this day. I still get a tad nervous beforehand but it’s always been my fuel when on stage.

RM: What has been your journey to music and who are some of your biggest influences?

KE: My journey has been a blessing and nothing less. I’ve learned lessons & the hardships that came along with it made me grow so the journey, though it felt difficult at times, it only contributed to the man I am today! Some of my biggest influences are Andre 3000, Phonte, Kendrick Lamar & my own experiences.

RM: Which camp/music group(s) would you say are making some of the best business moves today?

KE: As far as business moves I wouldn’t be too sure because I’m not close enough to know but TDE, Dreamville, Roc Nation & Griselda are creatively moving a direction that I champion.

RM: Do you have any dream collaborations?

KE: Dream collaborations would be my biggest influences above, Kendrick, Andre, & Phonte from Little brother.

RM: Do you remember the first verse you ever wrote and what it was about?

KE: Yes, my first verse was comedy. It was very sporadic & about nothing but how cool I was, I started with less purpose other than wowing friends & others

RM: Who produces some of your music and how did you come to connect with those people?

KE: Some specific producers I work with are; Charely Brown he’s KROWNSOUND in-house producer I met him through another mutual DZELIKERZA who’s a rapper in PHX & an old friend also. Knocktimus Prime is another producer from AZ I just recently met, he produced my last track “Facing Love” and you’ll hear more of us soon !

RM: What's one thing you want people to take away from your music when they tap in?

KE: I want to be able to heal, I want people to be able to break it down and filter what helps them grow like how the body does with good food & it has to taste good too!

RM: What's a short-term goal that your supporters can help you achieve?

KE: One goal that the supporters can help me achieve is, continuing to HMU on my socials to show love & tell me what my songs do for them, it’s 3 birds one stone; It builds the platform, it’s free & it’s confirmation on the journey (which makes it all worth it!)

RM: What marketing tricks do you use to try to raise awareness about your music in your community or other places?

KE: Personally, I wouldn’t call them “tricks” but I use my kindness and respond to every comment & share. People show love, I build those relationships & I just use my personality. I am a brand and you are also so zero in on who you are and go hard in every arena, email your work to the connects that you build and be genuine, it’s the energy for me and when I got that correct that’s when I began to truly elevate. One more thing, I stopped focusing on the individuals who weren’t supporting and I continued to attract people aligned with me and what I had going on.

RM: Do you freestyle and if so, is that something that comes naturally or did you have to put in extra work to get the skill to where it is today?

KE: Yes I freestyle, but I don’t do so on the final version of my tracks because it’s not as impactful as my writing. My priority with music is content so, I like them to be executed correctly for I can convey my message. I rather not take chances on not connecting with the listeners cause it’s detrimental for me to do so on my path. I mentioned earlier how I started with spoken word poetry so writing was & is more natural for me and flows much easier. It’s not really extra work for me it’s just better work.

RM: What's the best piece of advice you were ever given and how has it impacted your life or shaped your perspective?

KE: The best advice I’ve ever been given has changed as I grew older because I learned and the lessons change. They usually all elevate me a great amount when I learn & implement them but there are many so I’ll leave it at this: “If you’re truly grateful, you’ll be attentive” I’ll say that because the more attention I paid the more direction I received, the more I had to be thankful for and it multiplied my blessings in full! Gratitude!

Thanks so much for allowing us to interview you and share your story with our readers.

Interview by Dom Root 2021


Recent Release!

Emmitt Dupree - "Hours Make Ours" (Official Video)

523,051 views Premiered Dec 1, 2021

Rent by Emmitt Dupree

Directed & Edited by: Ian Q. Baker

First Impressions/Notes:

This song has a really good vibe. This is definitely something that I have in my personal playlist now. Like many music lovers, the 1:27 leaves you wanting more. All in all, this is a great track to release in preparation for his upcoming project P.I.M.P. (Power Isn’t My Point). Shoutout to Angelo Chaib for going crazy on the graphics/cover art for “Rent.” (

The video looks amazing and the edits and visuals are clean. It is one of the most creative videos that I’ve seen coming out of the city this year. From start to the finish, you‘re pretty much locked in. (

Noteworthy Songs/Videos

"N.F.L" (Behind The Lyrics) W/ Emmitt Dupree

Shot By: Iryna Glavnyk

ProWRiteous Presents: Tip Of The Pen Episode 1 Lyrical break down to Emmitt Dupree's new video "N.F.L"

Twitter : @king_emmitt Instagram: @king_emmitt

Emmitt Dupree - On the Roof

295 views • Nov 10, 201

With personal lyrics, powerful delivery, and the voice to bring it all together, Emmitt Dupree is an artist to watch out for.

~Follow Crunch Time~

Audio Engineer: Kevrie Howard

Cinematographers: Tony Potts & Veda Dhanankula

Editor: Tony Potts

King Emmitt Freestyle - Freestyle 013

218 views • Jan 11, 2019

We had King Emmitt slide by and give us some bars! Thoughts and who should be next! Subscribe and share the video!

Emmitt Dupree - Klaus Revenge (Official Music Video)

3,505 views • Premiered Aug 24, 2020

Watch Emmitt Dupree perform his latest single "Klaus Revenge" Directed by Sammy Black.


If you or someone you know should be featured, please visit and drop a link so that we can check it out. This has been a dope experience prepping this article, we'd like to thank Emmitt Dupree for chopping it with us, we wish you much more success on your journey. We aspire to be a resource for up and coming artists, everywhere, so let’s keep it growing. Please share this with a friend and help us to keep the spotlight shining bright on these creatives.


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Google: Additional Content from Emmitt Dupree:

Emmitt Dupree ft. Jalopy Bungus - Mama Don't (Official Music Video)

1,889 views • Premiered Sep 25, 2019 Domino Effect presents

Directed and Edited by Ian Q. Baker

Emmitt Dupree

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Jalopy Bungus

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