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Emerge 1 by Dom Root

The length of a day,

wears on me most

when the sun hides

behind the clouds,


shift with time and experience.

More dawn's, more dusks,

more chances to get it right.

In the pit of silence

I am at war with 2 things

The first, is my expectations (for myself)

And the second is what I can produce

My heart is full of

Love and aspiration.

I am eager for new opportunities, but

I’m focused and I’m patient

There is something to be said

For the work that I put in, to get here

Much of that was fueled from

Not really having anything at all.

So from the perspective of struggle,

I formed my dreams, my path

And set out to chase it.

On the other side of this

Is the battle of durability

I use to pray to God

For more opportunities to

Come my way and when

Things started rolling in,

I needed to have a seat

And have a real conversation with myself…

Was I writing ‘checks’ that I couldn’t cash?

Are the ways unto which I’ve made

Myself available doing ad-hoc things in support

Of my passions, still fulfilling,

Even if I am not technically doing the things

That I am passionate about?

Better yet, the real question I had to address, was

Have I stretched myself thin,

Wearing multiple hats?

It was rough coming back

From thinking that a creative funk

was somehow a sign that I needed to quit.

Days, weeks, months pass

And I am stuck in a silence

Trying to find my voice

Something real enough

Something thoughtful enough

Something timeless.

We’ve all been through alot,

Through the pain, we found a spark,

And I am blessed that we are a long ways

from the days of getting dressed in the dark.

And so now,

because of what I’ve overcome

I expected to run it up and

Go crazy (in a good way),

But my reality requires a bit more patience

I am still much closer to the start of my journey

Than I am to the end of it

Forging new paths,

reinforcing old ones,

Going back for others

I’ve had to do it all along the way,

What I can produce

Will have to work,

for where I am today

As long as Im making real progress,

I cant let things like ego and

Expectations get in the way.


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