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Don Shuan | 2nd Place Winner | Spring Poetry Contest

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Our Spring Poetry Contest was filled with amazing creatives and so many new friends in poetry. We thank you for your entries and support, our hope is to see you again in future poetry contests. Thanks to our sponsors over at BRAVO Pay and I Am Root Apparel for making the prizes for this contest phenomenal.

Catch our interview with all three of the winners live on Instagram this Friday, June 4th hosted by blog member Niamey Thomas. (RSVP below.)

2nd Place Winner | Don Shuan

DonShuan is a writer/poet assisting in raising the consciousness of our planet through spoken and written word. After winning a statewide writing competition at 10 years old, she discovered that words had the ability to hurt or to heal. Finding value in authenticity above all, DonShuan hopes to encourage and inspire others to be unapologetically themselves by stepping into their own personal power.

Facebook: DonShuan

Instagram: Donshuan_

Tiktok: Donshuan



Affirmations for Grounding by Don Shuan

I exist in this present moment, worry free Everything is working out for my highest good, i’m exactly where i’m supposed to be I use every experience as a tool to assist me on my life journey, I know that the goal is not the destination, but the experience itself Obstacles are just lessons or tests, I do not lose. I live my life in love and joy, making decisions using my inner knowing, never out of fear. I believe in the wonder of spirit because I am evidence of faith in the unseen. I am creating my life every single day whether I know it or not, so I consciously create a reality that is favorable to me. The people I meet along my way are guides helping me to understand more about myself I do not rush the process because what's for me is for me and will always be for me By seeing God in myself, I am able to see God in oth hing I need will be provided to me when I need it. I allow myself the time to rest and rejuvenate- mind, body and soul. I am not my thoughts, I create my thoughts and my thoughts create the vibration and the vibration draws the experience. I decide when to use my emotion, not the behaviors or opinions of others, my feelings do not waver based on outside forces. I think and act with positive intention moment by moment and the world reflects love back to me I understand that the root of all is either love or fear and I wake up and choose love everyday: Love of self and love of others. Through love I am God, I am sovereign and I am free.


Don Shuan will win $75 thanks to our friends at BRAVO Pay and merch from our home team I Am Root Apparel. Thank you again to all of the contestants, voters, judges, and supporters.

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