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Do You See The Beauty That Is You?

My dear child, do you see the beauty in all that is you?

The way your skin shines in the sun, glowing rays of happiness and joy.

The way the curls form and create a crown upon your head, that could only come from above.

The way your crown stands strong, bowing to no one, defying gravity, naturally, majestically.

Do you see that you are deserving of love and respect?

To be held gently and listened to without judgement.

To have space held for when you need to be vulnerable, to cry, to laugh and to rejoice.

To have your feelings validated, without blame.

To know you are loved without condition.

My dear child, do you know that there is nothing wrong with you?

That you do not have to live to the expectations that others have set upon you.

That when others hurl their hatred, that the flaw falls within them and not you.

That you do not have to bow down to any person, despite what they have been taught.

My child do you know that you deserve liberation?

That you deserve to move freely without fear, to not expect to die when you leave your home.

To be able to call for protection when you are in danger.

To see yourself represented, not as an exception but as the norm.

My child do you know you hold power?

That it is a birthright, a strength passed to you from your ancestors, who love you so.

All you have to do is be authentically you…

Because my child there is nothing but beauty in you.

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