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Decembers focus

I have found myself trying to force things. Force my relationships, force myself to eat, force myself to work out, and force myself to create. Even in the process of deciding what I was going to write today, I forced it, so this only came natural after the realization. My theme/goal for December, (can you believe It is December 1, 2020… I honestly wasn’t sure if I would see this day), is to not force things but let them naturally gravitate towards me. I have decided these areas to focus on this month.

Work: I am a contractor so in order for me to find work, I have to go seeking it. I don’t want to try to force myself to fit into a place but to find work/gigs that authentically align with my goals and vision of my life.

Creating: I identify as a Creative. I truly feel alive when I am creating, whether it is choreography, social media content, or words I want to curate stories that are truthful, relatable, and raw. If I cannot create with those in mind, I won’t create.

Play: I take play time seriously. When I think of play I mean, me time, fun time, rest time. It is a time for me to invite my inner child and return to my state of being. I don’t want to force this but want to fight for it (make sure I make time for it) and allow it to comfortably come and to make sure I am in the moment.

Relationships/Friendships: Recently I have become insecure about my friendships, who is actually for me, who isn’t? Who loves me and who just wants to take up space? I don’t want to force this, I don’t want to beg for these, and I don’t want to give more energy than I am giving to myself. I want to spend time with the people who I value and who value me. I don’t need to talk to someone everyday but I want to nurture my relationships in a meaningful way.

These are the 4 areas that I am intentionally focusing on not forcing for this last month of 2020. I would love to know your 4 areas that you plan on not forcing. Please leave a comment below or share with me on social media @nniiamey Excited to see how you nourish yourselves!


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