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Awakening From the Meaning Crisis

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The title for this project comes from John Vervaeke and his Awakening from the meaning crisis series available on youtube. In the series, Vervake makes the cases for why there is so much unhappiness, anxiety, and alienation being experienced by ourselves in this technological world. I first came across John Vervaeke a few years back but recently he has started to get a lot of attention and put together parts of his ideas in ways that I find compelling enough to share with you. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting videos from John to share with you as an introduction to the subject matter. If any of you are interested in talking about this in person feel free to message me I am always open for conversation and if there is enough popularity with this project I will host workshops that come from the Awakening form the meaning crisis discord where John Vervaeke himself leads and partakes in the discussions and activities. This video is an overview of the concepts laid out in the longer 52 part series that will be posted here:

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