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Are we talking about rest again?

I’ve been thinking a lot about rest… again, and my dynamic to it. If you remember I wrote a Blog post on The Rooted Minds Blog about Rest and how I wanted to rest more. You can check it out here. I also had a conversation with my friend Kim a little about the 7 Types of rest and why it is so important to implement it into your daily life, you can check it out here.

Photo via "Blk.Wmn" Makayla Nicole

Now I’ve challenged myself to view Rest as an act of resistance. To rest is to heal, to mend, and to reflect. I tweeted on the 4th of February, “This world demands so much of us… It’s exhausting.” I tweeted this because I found myself overwhelmed and tired and I needed to express the energy or lack thereof that I had. I am still expected to show up in a way that I just cannot, especially, during a global pandemic. I know it has already been a year and most people want to go back to “normal” but I’m not looking back. This tweet represents exactly how I feel about our past “normal.”

It is exhausting when we are expected to show up in ways that just isn’t possible. The curtain system of capitalism won’t work if we don’t all play our part, which is how Rest becomes an act of resistance. What would happen to our system if we rested instead of working those long extra hours? What if we rested instead of answering that after hours email? What if we rested instead of rushed to the next destination. We saw this somewhat happen during the pandemic. At the beginning we all cared for one another, we were willing to put somethings on pause for the good of all, it worked at the time because everyone was willing to play their part. Now we’re pressing play hoping to catch up where we ended, but what would happen if we didn’t do that?

Via: The Nap Ministry

I have begun to prioritize my rest and while I have not been perfect and every now and again slip into my past ways I am pushing through and choosing what does and does not fit my life and how I want to live. I found The Nap Ministry Blog and it gave me a new perspective on rest as a resistance and how the way our society operates is in exact opposition to our ability to rest. What if we all prioritized our rest?


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