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Andrea Calascione - Summer Poetry Contest

Andrea placed 5th in our Summer Poetry Contest and won $25


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Topic: The Voice of Today


There are so many things left unsaid,

the inability to express is a brutal annoyance much like an unmade bed.

I can feel them, the words, they're bubbling in the pit of my gut

Phrases born from impulse & intuition, I would do anything for them to come to fruition.

This feeling could be related to an insatiable hunger that never seems to be satisfied, but no matter how hard and no matter how much inspiration wishes to hide, I will never stop giving this a try and I will tell you exactly why;

When your body has been through a big ordeal, there is no other choice but to force yourself to heal

Stitched and sewn by the hands of others, butchered and battered by my own mind, solace in the pen is what I find.

When the planet is being beaten and bruised by its own, a ruining of our home It’s for the birds and the bees, the dolphins and every other silent species that I feel a chill to my bone - I desperately need my pen to set a different tone.

When important decisions are being made by people who are obsessed with money and greed, an answer to this madness is what I need,

my pen is my plead.

When the world is in full support of image, it feeds off our playful ego and my answer to that is a raging no

It commemorates competition, but all I can feel is a huge division.

I will continue this fight, to bring in at least a fraction of light

My pen is my shield, in this chaotic minefield

My pen is my meditation and I strive to write only with intention.

Inspiration is fleeting, she is flighty and elusive. The harder I look for her, the more she seems to hideI string a sentence together with my rational mind and all that comes out is empty words forced out of the need to write

But today is the day I stop this chase. Inspiration knows my face, she may come to see me whenever she chooses so that she can bless me with her enchanting grace.


Dust particles dense with experiences from the past

building up in my psyche



Transforming into fragments of jewels that shine,

Morphing gracefully into polished gemstones representing this life.

Memories crystallised into my DNA

Memories of light coalescing with the ones of darkness



Merging of opposing forces,



Uncomfortably integrating.

Heavy heart, closed mind.

Don’t, not for a moment, stop the fight.

For hope,

For love

For all things alive.

And know, with a deep knowing, that everything I see as darkness


A trick of the light.

- Andrea Calascione




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