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A Glimpse

The hardest part about finding something to write,

is deciding what to share.

So hell, here's where we find out

Who don't know me so well.

Enough time has passed

Remiss-ed in the shadows

Though, I barely see it now,

This shit is exactly what I asked for.

I gravitate towards

the things that lift me up

Cause there was a time

That I found solace

At the bottom of my cup.

a time, that I placed value

In chasing women in the club, but now

I'd rather face my demons standing up.


describes me best,

I’ve fucked a lot of shit up

But God, ain’t done yet

I’ve given up on love,

So give it up for my ex,

She laid down the foundation

For me to love who came next.

I had to let go of the past,

The last strand on the rope,

This poem is for me

My little beacon of hope,

To never be afraid

to mention my growth.

I’ve come a long way,

From Idolizing the goats,

So when we talk about the future,

just write Dom in the notes.

Dom Root 2019


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