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777 by NiAmbi`

Birds fly and planes do the same

Cars drive and the waters wave

Sun shines from east to west throughout the day

Branches and leaves sway in the breeze

All these things, they move, but what about you?

What’s stopping you from going?

What’s keeping you from putting your plans in motion?

Fear cripples devotion, tethers your notion that you are an infinite being

Blinds you from seeing

Grinds you ‘til everything you’ve been dreaming is non-existent

Unless you let it

Fear is an illusion – nothing but a mirage in the desert

Fear is conclusive to your life if you’re not strong enough to continue it

Ignore it because it’s not real

A mere figment of your imagination

Remember who you are

Recalculate your movement

Remember who you are

Because fear, you are not. You’re your gift.

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