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Let us start ROOTED - A solid foundation

My 2019 ended in a similar way to how I entered it, with the realization that all the work I do now is preparing me for something bigger than myself. I spent 2019 serving others, rejecting fear + anxiety, and understanding that there is more work to do within.

My theme for 2020 is BALANCE, having a desire to be balanced, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Not sure what this looks like but excited to learn, grow, and fail. Within only a few days of the year I understood that in order to be fully balanced I first must be rooted. This is the Rooted Minds Blog so what better place to discuss being Rooted then here.

As a Christian I have learned that I have to be rooted in the word, rooted in the truth that I believe Jesus Christ is who He says he is. Now if you are not a believer of Christianity or of any other faith, I propose a question. What are you rooted in?

To be rooted means to be implanted or established in a solid unmoving foundation. This foundation no matter how much is toiled, separated, and beaten is secure, safe, and steady for your roots to grow down and produce a crop. What I have seen over the years within myself and many others is that many people do not have a solid foundation.

Many people want to start their own business but do not have the discipline to be on time for their current work. Some want to be Creatives + Artists but do not have the consistency in training to perfect their craft (I just came for myself). Others want to be “famous” but won’t do the work, (yeah I took this from Kevin Hart). If there is no solid foundation your roots can never and will never produce a bountiful crop. You may see some plants spring up here and there but not long enough to stay alive long. We are suffocating our own potential because our foundation is not SOLID!

Now I am no self help coach so I can only speak from my experience but in order to build a strong foundation you have to have the following.

  1. Love yourself enough to see that you are getting in your own way. Move out of your way. Too often we get stuck because many of us do not have any self-awareness, you have to start with SELF.

  2. You have to examine your daily habits and appetites. What are the bad habits you need to remove from your life? What are things you indulge in that is stunting your growth.

  3. Build up healthy habits. Practice discipline, consistency, and commitment. Sometimes you just need to say NO. The only way to become these three things is through practice, it will not feel good right away but I promise saying no to instant gratification will push you further.

  4. Lastly, where are you building your foundation. Sometimes we are not growing because the soil we are planted in is bad soil. What toxic people are in your circle sucking the life out of you? What spaces do you walk into that is feeding your ego and stopping you from progressing.

The four tips above are all reflections. The most important part about building your foundation to be rooted in is understanding that you need to spend time reflecting. I reflect every night about the days events, I reflect after every conversation + interaction with people, even at the end of each month I reflect. But I also apply these reflections, I do not just do it to say I did it. I take the information I gathered and I apply it to my life. I would encourage you to do the same.

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