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Kye Russoul | RM Spotlight Feature

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

R&B music is in a great space, both on a national level and a local level.

We have a new opportunity to connect with an emerging R&B/Soul artist. His music is always presented in good quality and offers some good energy. Those two things are important for any artist, it's just dope that we get to connect with an artist that is off on the right track already.

R&B music is definitely among our favorites. It's connection to soul, hip-hop, neo-soul, and even gospel gives as harmonies and chord progressions for days. The popularity of the genre has taken a dip over time, but with great artist on the come up like H.E.R, Summer Walker, SiR, and Lucky Daye, it appears to be gearing up for a great run this next decade.

We had the opportunity to connect with another friend of the brand, but a true man on a mission, Kye Russoul. We first connected with Kye in 2016, in preparation for our LUV2016 Event (Let Us Vent, is an event series celebrating artist expression. Since, Kye has kept it cordial with us and we've reconnected several times to collaborate on events, interviews, and fellowship.

We have a ton of respect for his skill, but much more for his character, it's been a pleasure being connected to him, hence our pride in sharing this interview with you. Music is a part of the essence of what this brand is about and shining the spotlight on emerging artist in our community is what we do. Kye's music touches on Love, Life, Relationship, and his perspective based on various experiences. He finds beats that compliment his style and he let's his voice and pen do the rest. There are a few songs on our brand playlist that we'd even call timeless, but we'll let you be the judge.

Scroll down and check out the interview, where we ask the important questions about what Kye's been up to and what's happening next for him.


Artist Bio

Kye Russoul is an American Singer, Songwriter, and Producer born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. His love for music originated in the piano at age 4 when he started playing and singing for his local church. Among his influences are Usher, Boys II Men, Temptations, Dru Hill, New Edition and Tyrese. His style is the likings of authentic 90's R&B with a soulful modern sound.

Kye Russoul has opened up for Neyo, Jacquees, Dej Loaf, PNB Rock and Music Soulchild. He has also been a featured artists on records with Styles P, Fab Five Freddy, Futuristic, Radamiz and Hi-Rez.


We took a deep dive into Kye's catalog and the vibes are amazing. For an emerging artist to have this much purpose and direction in his music, is important, so with this interview we wanted to ask the questions that'll help other emerging artists identify their purpose in the industry.

He's had some amazing features to date including Nitra Nicole, Willie Taylor, and Tiffany Evans. His work ethic places him in rooms and situations and that is another testament to how Kye is shaping into a complete artist, combining skill, work ethic, and networking. Sometimes it isn't about what you know or how good you can do a service, it's important to have what some audio guys call 'hang chops,' your ability to let your personality shine through and not be a pain to work with.

During the prep for this article, Kye was very punctual and his communication was great. That's huge for us to highlight, as coordinating with entrepreneurs is always tough. But, Kye made time for us, so we plan to respond in good favor.

We hope you enjoy!


Interview 2020

RM = Dom Root

KR= Kye Russoul

RM: With songs like 'This Thing Called Love,'

'RMB,' 'Let Me Know' it is very clear that your pen is strong. 1) Can you share with us your process, 2) do you collaborate with others, and 3) how do you think that your writing has evolved over time?

KR: My process actually varies just depending on the song. Sometimes I will listen to a beat in my car and just freestyle melodies and Ideas until the right one comes. Other times I'll be in the studio, turn the beat on (or produce it) and freestyle ideas on the mic. It may not even be necessarily words that I'm free styling but may just be melodies. Then I'll come out the booth and put words to the melody. Once I get the initial idea or melody, the rest comes pretty easy after that. 2) When it comes to collaborations, I am definitely open to working with artists, the vibe and song just has to be right for me. It's hard for me to just get on anything. 3) Over time I would say my writing has expanded as my experience with life has grown. I've come to find that the more I experience, the more my writing begins to open up and improve.

RM: R&B is and has been such a loved genre of music, but over the last (maybe 5 years), it hasn't held the public's attention in terms of popularity, until recently. There were viral moments, such as the debut of Partynextdoor, The Weekend, Bryson Tiller etc., then it feels like things dried up, and the public's love for an R&B version of hip-hop was strongest. But now it feels like the true essence and the fan craze is back with more artists like Pink Sweat$, Lucky Daye, SiR, Summer Walker, Ari Lennox, Khalid, H.E.R and some others.

1) How do you feel about R&B making a comeback (if you will)? 2) What does Kye Russoul plan to offer to the genre?

KR: I think with R&B everything is back in a full circle. It's a dope time to be a a fan of R&B because I feel like it is finally back (or close) to where it was when R&B was the biggest and most loved genre (90's). What I ultimately want to add is more TIMELESS records. I want to give the genre songs that will be played 100 years from now.

RM: All the talks about who the king of R&B isn't is long passed us by (thankfully), but would you say there is a R&B GOAT, if so, who would you give that nod to?

KR: Yes. Usher is the King of R&B.

RM: Who were some of your favorite music artists growing up and who are your favorites currently?

KR: Favorite artist growing up would be Usher, Boys II Men, Dru Hill, Tyrese, John Legend and Temptations. My favorite artist right now are Summer Walker, Daniel Cesar, H.E.R., NBDY, Eric Bellinger.

RM: Have you found your 'sound?' -- If so, how was that process. Many artists we talk with, specify that finding 'their sound' is a tough process and we'd like to see if you have any advice for both artists and producers to benefit from.

KR: Yes. I can say that I honestly just recently found my sound in this last year and lets just say that was a process. The thing that took me so long was trying to create something that didn't sound similar to what anybody else was creating. Something original but nostalgic. I grew up on 90's R&B so I wanted to stay true to that. The best advice I can give when it comes to finding your sound is... TAKE YOUR TIME and have tunnel vision. Don't get caught up in what other artists are making. Work on developing YOUR own sound.

RM: Do you have an in-house production team for beats and engineering. All of your projects have a really nice and professional finish to them?

KR: Yes I do have in-house production and engineering. Most of my work comes from my producer Nile Popchock and I. We spend endless hours in the studio creating and perfecting our craft. There are other producers that I work with as well. S/o's to Dev Clancy and JBYSS.

RM: What's your goals for 2020, what should your fan base expect?

KR: Timeless records, continuous content and an a R.M.B. Music Video ! We dropping dope s*** all year.

RM: What does phrase 'I Am Root' mean to you?

KR: I Am Root to means that I am connected to the source and because of that, I have a purpose.


With this opportunity, we were able to learn a lot more about Kye Russoul and what additional ideas contributed to his success. We feel like he is definitely going places and soon will be able to provide a better life for his family through his passion of music. He shows signs of dedication, he is very skilled, and makes moves that are well calculated. We wish him the best of luck on his journey and ask all of our followers and supporters to help us run-up his views, likes, and social media impressions. It takes a community to uplift its members.

If you or someone you know deserves the spotlight, please visit our submissions page and send us your story or artwork. We love to gain new opportunities to connect with local and emerging creative artists.


Kye Russoul - September 6th (Official Music Video)

333 views • Jan 1, 2020

Kye Russell - September 6th (Official Audio)

September 6th is a creative record that features a melodic beat, coupled with a timeless R&B vibe featuring a warm 808 sound, distorted sample in the background and crisp and punchy vocals. In this song Kye dives into the tribulations of a relationship or more of a situation-ship as we see in the video. Love triangles are no fun and here we see the effects of playing with emotions.

Kye Russoul - Let Me Know Ft. Willie Taylor [Official Video]

1,523 views • Nov 3, 2019

"Let Me Know" is available on all platforms now: Music by Kye Russell and Nile Popchock Director: ShotByDub Colorist: Jared Kovacs

Listening to these last two records it's clear that it's 'Mr. Steal Yo Girl' season, as they dive into the possibility of satisfying women who are being neglected by their significant other. The beat slaps pretty hard and featured on the record is the talented Willie Taylor from Day26 R&B Group. The two trade of versus about their perspective on the topic and the video is set to a party vibe. It's definitely a fun song and the first verse sits in the pocket perfectly, as Kye sets the tone and through verse paints the picture. In the second verse Willie Taylor jumps in with sauce flexing the high notes and harmonies.

R.M.B. Dance Class Pop Up

78 views • Dec 22, 2019

Last night I popped up to Zroom Dance & Fitness in Tempe to check out some choreograph for R.M.B. Choreography: Connie “MZCLASSY” Garnes Shot and edited by: Martez Cornelius

As of late this record is one of his most popular, with dance videos floating around the internet from all over the world (Peru, Russia, LA, and Phoenix). The concept is amazing to connect this song with dancers and movement artists. We love to see artists of different forms come together. It helps the culture and also gives the record a whole new breath. In this video Kye pops up on a dance class taught by MZCLASSY and they were vibing to his record and he got a cool sneak peak of the action.

Kye Russoul - R.M.B. (Rock My Body) (Live Acoustic)

877 views • May 7, 2019

Kye Russoul - 1993 Rooted Sessions

21 views • May 3, 2019


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