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ZIL | RM Spotlight Feature as he releases 'The Other Side'

Updated: Dec 10, 2020


We are blessed to return with another Spotlight Feature, this time with a multi-talented Music Producer, DJ, and Recording Artist. This guy has a pretty rich history that we won't get to fully cover, but we have some awesome gems about his story and links to his latest project. These features are some of our favorite things to do because we get to check out new music and ask cool questions behind the scenes.

Music is an important part of our brand. We take pride in putting our audience on to dope music and things that reflect the I AM ROOT lifestyle. In our community music is both a way of expression and a therapeutic tool. Artists get to combine their experiences with custom beats and unique rhyme patterns. It allows both the listener and the creator to get lost in the music, both the process and end result.

Our Spotlight Feature has been working with and around the brand since early 2012 and amid our journey, he's been on one of his own. Our former resident DJ, recently released a project titled "The Other Side," which was much anticipated among his core fans. It's kind of like we've been looking out for Detox. More than anything we are proud to share his project with you!

With slow releases of content, we've gotten a handful of songs that smack, on a consistent basis. A lot of his fans have been waiting for a full project. He's been pretty tactical with his moves through music and his real patient approach. He's connected with a handful of artists in the community, so here and there you will here a feature or a song he produced for someone else.

Zil, has used social media to his benefit as a way of showcasing his music and style, but also as a way of networking and connecting with other artists. This is a popular way of connecting that many emerging artist use today, as it is mostly a free platform that gives you a fairly large reach in the community. With options like paid promotions, artists anywhere can start to expand their reach.

His acquired skill and knowledge is easily noticeable in the music from the mix to the beat selection, to even the melodies. We are noticing that he is shaping into a very well-rounded music artist.


Before we get into all of the fun stuff, let's take a quick second to check out one of his recent singles that is not on the recently released project. This song is called "1044" and it features some dope artists.

Here are some quick thoughts on Zil's recent singles...

"1044" is a dope record that features some artists that we've connected with, here in Arizona: Leewater and Dre'quel. Starting with Leewater, he has performed at over 15 of the I Am Root Events and Dre'quel use to be our go-to host for our events back at the start in 2012-2014. Both of these guys are making some good music today, so be sure to like subscribe and follow them. We also have a Spotlight Feature with Leewater!

This song talks about partying all night long and keeping the energy up, by being the life of the party. It's a song that projects a glamorous lifestyle from three different perspectives. This fits right in with the culture of music today that is fun and full of life and aspiration. I like the fact that this song was a collaboration, because that's a huge part of music today. It's dope he was able to connect and they could match the vibe. It's also a dope nod to the days of 10 44.

Others songs that we had hoped made it on to the project are, Alma Mater - which is a celebratory record that emphasizes balling out with a fine woman by your side, as pitched in the lyric "I'm out here, ballin with somebody daughter." Zil also goes on to elude to the streets having a huge influence on his upbringing so much so, that the streets are his Alma Mater. LoveiSDeep (mentioned below) - is another fun record that we are glad made the cut.

Info: Zil is a DJ, Producer, Song Writer, and Recording Artist from Los Angeles California. Zil has been a DJ since about 14. He's had an extensive streak of Scottsdale and Phoenix Area venues working for hire and producing his own events as well, during his time at ASU. He is known in our 'IAR' community for his affiliation with the brand, as our resident DJ, Producer, and Brand Ambassador. If you've ever listened to his music, then I am sure it made you want to hit a dance move, spit a verse, or want a feature. Zil is a great balance of lit and perspective.

After you check out this interview, we need you to help us run up the streams, views, comments, and shares. Share this interview with your friends, and be proud that you just might have put them on to their new favorite artist.

Take a listen to the album by clicking the photo above and then check out the interview below. Be sure to run it up with the likes and shares. It takes a village... you know the saying.



RM = Dom Root + Mary Violet


RM:How did you get in to music both as a DJ and on the Production/Recording side? and what has the journey been like since?

Zil: I was born into music. Being a DJ was one of first realizations that I was an artist; I began that an a young age, DJ my first major club around 14. However, the first time i ever produced something was in my sophomore year in college.

RM: Who are some of your musical influences or individuals that you think are making some really good music?

Zil: Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, Over Doz. Tory Lanez, and The Weeknd. Lana Del Rey stands out because her song writing is about a character who I aspire to be. In my creative process you have to be the same person, but for each creative session I find myself in i want to transfer my self to the character I am writing as. It serves as direction in my song writing and performance. Frank Ocean is one of the best story tellers because he is able to remain aloof and provide the listener with ability to interpret the music at their own discretion.

RM: How do you use the experience as a DJ to benefit your production and recording?

Zil: Being a DJ is one of the biggest advantages in my production process.. Especially in regards to the timing of music and understanding how certain sounds can bridge together. Some of my best producer qualities come from my roots in spinning music.

RM: Do you aspire to make a push as an independent artist or would you entertain a major label situation if presented?

Zil: You know, both have their advantages. However, I believe the best situation is generally the best situation. So I’m open to most opportunities if they are the right ones.

RM: What narratives are the most fun to write about in your music?

Zil: Haha, I love bringing light to my culture and past experiences. I’ve lived life on a high level and I like to write songs about true stories no matter the ending. Sometimes the way those stories are told seem surreal, but we all view reality differently.

RM: Take us through your writing process for LoveiSDeep? Where do you draw inspiration?

Zil: LoveiSDeep is a twisted love story, and a true story. Making the song took a lot of introspection into my best and worst days. To summarize, i loved the energy.

RM: Where did you get your inspiration for the cover art for “LoveiSDeep”? Are you trying to associate the feeling of love to the feeling of drugs? What was the thought process for this dope piece?

Zil: The cover of LoveISDeep is a masterpiece in regards to my musical style. Enjoyable but tempting enough to make you ask if you agree with its message. The inspiration came from wanting to grab eyes along with the concept of a meeting with a deeply conflicted individual.

RM: What is your recording process like? Do you have any tips for young artists who are recording their own music?

Zil: The process for me begins with allowing myself to get in the right spirit, the spirit depends on the songs energy. My advice would be to get lost in yourself.

RM: What program did you use to produce your album and is it the same one that you use to record the songs?

Zil: The entire album was produced and recorded through Logic X. I’ve been working through that system for 8 years now.

RM: Were there any other people who were instrumental in getting the Album done?

Zil: There is a long list of people that made this album possible, countless hours and hard work by people that inspire me. A big shoutout to the MXLIV Firm, IL, Kenway, Mike Shoe, Noah Coplin, Wildchild and Dom Root just to name a few.

RM: If you only could only keep two things from your studio (besides the computer) what two things what you hold on to?

Zil: My writing pad, it’s instrumental in the process. And my keyboard, I need that everyday of my life.

RM: What’s your favorite book and why?

Zil: The 48 Laws of Power. That book taught me about different paths in being mentally aware. Before reading it I saw communication as linear, now I see interactions have different levels and can exist on different dimensions.

RM: Who takes your instagram pictures? Is photography important to you as much as music is?

Zil: As a producer everything comes down to who I am working with. Most photography concepts come from working with Mike Shoe and Eyes. I have also being down a lot of work with JasGold and Abu. I respect their artistry, their work is very different, but both create great work. Music and visual imagery go hand and hand.

RM: Do you regret anything during your music come up? If you could change anything, would you?

Zil: I have no regrets. I would not do anything differently.

RM: In three words or less what does the phrase ‘I Am Root’ means from your perspective?

Zil: Truth In Artistry.

You can also visit his website at

Check out Zil's page on our website


Thanks for taking the time out to check out our latest Spotlight Feature with Producer and Music Artist, Zil. Your support allows us to keep shining the light on emerging creative artists in our communities. Be sure to follow the artists we feature and show love when you can. It is important for the community to uplift its members.

We learned the importance of fearlessness and 'getting lost in yourself' for purposes of music. Music lends a bit of therapy for both the creator and the listener as it allows both to get lost at some point, either during the creative process or end result.

Be sure to continue to support the emerging artists, these are people we believe in and that we need help celebrating.

The I Am Root brand lives to support artists who are building a name for themselves, pushing the needle and finding ways to grow and help others do the same. If you, or someone you know meets those requirements submit on


Zil - LoveiSDeep (Audio) 399 views • Aug 15, 2018

LoveiSDeep is a fun record that draws the parallel between love and drugs (LSD) and that it often is a catalyst to erratic behavior or hallucinations or some other pyschological effects.


Notable Features & Collabs:

Sincerely Collins 'Phx Kids (feat. LV)' [Producer Credits] -

Lee Water 'The Water (Bonus Track)' Produced and Written by Zil

Featured on MTV for producing the song 'Hello World' by Austin Martin, where he also curated the treatment for that video and others.

Zil - Outer Peace (Official Music Video)

"In life we must both remain at war and be at peace with ourselves. Welcome to my life, stay a while." - Zil


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Check out more features at

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More about Dom Root

Stone on Sax and Dom Root shot by Dave Stanek

I am from Inglewood, California, currently working in Phoenix, Arizona as a Sound Engineer (Live, Recording, and Mixing). I am a Music Producer and Creative Artist looking to build portfolio and for live performance opportunities. I graduated from Arizona State University studying Creative Writing and Philosophy. I later studied audio production technologies at Mesa Community College, before taking on more freelance work.



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