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Chapter 1

Black leaders Crowned melanated supernatural beings Standing on all fours Truth, respect, passion, grace Striding above all adversity Carrying the weight of Martin's tears and Malcolm's fears Seeking cultural freedom through our actions and outcry There's times that we gathered and prayed for moments like this Moments that would move us from breaking shackles to creating sanctuary Black leaders don't do what is necessary They do the extraordinary We build families, communities, and nations We create for our people because there is no other heart invested History repeats the generational pain from our ancestors But Black leaders repeat the successes of our successors We seek time and opportunity If there's anyone that has been in the essence of Black excellence They would fall to their knees Black leaders are a part of the community they keep Magnetic social bonds, communion As we sing praise of the finish line, let us not forget the process Progress transforms into progress Progress leads to change Change is where Black leaders thrive This is a testament to our calling Let us carry the torch of our fellow leaders Each step into our greatness requires great responsibility and accountability As our hearts and minds shift, we must shake the spirit of complacency It's apparent that we as Black leaders have a long road ahead We are not alone, we will breakthrough and overcome The time is now. We will rise above. Black leadership serves a higher purpose. We were chosen. We will continue to serve and preserve the sanctity of our power Let's continue to leader-shift into our outer body Our supernova star Being a leader has been my most profound decision

Being Black has been my most beautiful nightmare

The two together have created a mosaic of pride and profession Leaders, our portrait of blues and hues will be mounted on every museum And our stories will continue to live on Bless you, bless our future Black leaders, we will give Sacrifice and resilience is built in our DNA

Our genome was not designed for failure It was molded and crafted for elevation The higher we climb, the farther we are within reach Keep the faith and practice what you preach Black leaders, this is only the beginning Let's make his-tory and her-story become our story Let's write chapter 1....

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