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#keepitshortchallenge | Week 3

Hey Rooted Fam, we are kicking off Week 3 of the challenge! We want to know have you joined in on our #keepitshortchallenge that we started earlier this month?

Let's go!

This is where we push writers to come up with their best poems, in 20 words or less and share it on social media. Sounds fun right? We understand that it might be a challenge, but figured it would be cool to see what everyone comes up with. You can write it, record it, or make it artsy.

Once you've got some poems, share them with us on social media by posting a photo, the poem, tag @rootedminds in the post, and use #rmpoetrychallenge or #keepitshortchallenge --

We are ROOTING for you, please know that our team is always available to proof-read and help give feedback!


We will share some of our favorite Poems from the challenge on our social-media sites. In addition to that, we will read off the top ones on Instagram Live in December.

Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe here on the website for more cool opportunities and information about the Rooted Minds Blog and the I Am Root Collective.

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