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J Buss | RM Spotlight Feature as he releases a series of Freestyle Rap Videos

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

We were gifted another opportunity to connect with an emerging artist coming out of California. For those that don't know I Am Root Co. was started in Los Angeles, with founder Dom Root. For this interview, we are jumping back into the interview series with a music artist that's planning to take his brand to the next level. His music is a testimony of his upbringing and life in Southern California. We've been following his journey on Soundcloud and other platforms for about 5 years. Given that we've seen so much progress in this time, it's only right that we connect for an interview and introduce him to our audience. Rooted Minds supporters are very diverse, open minded, and looking for new art to consume. We've given you a variety of features, so here's another.

J Buss is an American Rap artist, from South Central, Los Angeles. His music is driven by his story of grinding to make it out of the hood and provide a better life for his family and loved ones. He wants to be a role model in his community and put in work to help the less fortunate. In 2013, J Buss, started rapping as a way to express and get some some things off his chest. Much of his music speaks to his testimony of coming from the streets and how that has impacted his life. He's put out about 10 videos to support his singles, mixtapes and freestyle releases. Many of his fans and supporters will know him from the S.N.R.S (Skinny Niggas Running Shit) Mixtapes. You can find his music on most all streaming platforms and his videos are available on Youtube. His music is full of passion, confidence, emotion, and street. His beat selection and use of rap cadence helps to elevate his records, beyond being just another rap record or freestyle.

The Rooted Minds Blog, loves connecting and pushing emerging artists that are going hard for their craft. Take a look at our interview with the talented, driven, and constantly evolving rap artist, J Buss. We are intrigued by his consistency, his buzz, and what he is planning to do next. Be sure to give him a follow and support his upcoming projects.



Interview by Dom Root


RM: Dom Root

JB: J Buss

RM: What does making music mean to you? What does it do for you on a personal level? JB: It means a lot to me, the part I like the most is being able to be a role model to the people who can relate. Music does a lot for me it keeps me grounded and it separated me and gave me supreme. confidence. RM: What's changed for you in music since "A1"? (Style, content, engineering, etc.) JB: What changed since A1? My deliver is more versatile, I have more studio experience, more comfortable with my lifestyle and my brand. RM: Who are your musical influences? JB: I got into rapping about six years ago, Nipsey Hussle was the artist that influenced me the most and I looked up to him for what he represented. It's unfortunate he's gone now. Nh.i.p RM: What do you want RAP fans to learn about you? JB: I want rap fans to know that I'm a young artist from South Central, LA that found rap, and used it to start talking to the people that can relate and it separated me and gave me a chance. RM: What type of legacy are you looking to leave behind or what's your plan in the music game, like where are trying to go with it? JB: My legacy is coming from rags to riches owning land buying property taking my mom and family out the ghetto helping the less fortunate with the talent god gave me to help my people (crip!) Everything nip said.


Music Videos

J Buss - "Frontline" (Shot by @LewisYouNasty)


Yo' this Frontline record full of vibes. It's set to a bouncy beat that slaps hard and keeps you moving all the way through originally from Rich the Kid's Splashin. J Buss raps about his experience standing up in the midst of heat, struggle, violence and trauma. He talks about refusing advice, losing friends, and standing for what he believes in. It's a classic gangsta rap feel, that's pretty let. In the video J Buss is surrounded by homies from his neighborhood and they are turning up and riding through the city of LA.

J Buss - Trippin


Emerging artist support is a key component to our brand. When we see an artists grinding to create better opportunities for themselves, we can only hope to be able to support them in some fashion. For us, using our reach and platform is the strongest way to do so. We appreciate our audience for engaging with an open mind. I know that we will to continue to see much more from J Buss, as he starts to get into his stride in the music industry. We send out love towards his growth, evolution, and impact in his community. For years, gangsta rap has been a large glue for hip-hop. J Buss, is continuing to invest into the school of experience, and I think we are in for some dope music.

Thanks for reading.

For more information about this article contact @domrootmusic on instagram or twitter.

J Buss feat. Kiway "Rolllin70's" (Shot by @LewisYouNasty)


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More about Dom Root

Stone on Sax and Dom Root shot by Dave Stanek

I am from Inglewood, California, currently working in Phoenix, Arizona as a Sound Engineer (Live, Recording, and Mixing). I am a Music Producer and Creative Artist looking to build portfolio and for live performance opportunities. I graduated from Arizona State University studying Creative Writing and Philosophy. I later studied audio production technologies at Mesa Community College, before taking on more freelance work.



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