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Who? Mary What Now? Mary Purple? Mary Rose? Ohhhh, Mary Violet.

Wassup y'all, it's me. Mary Violet. The most human color out there.

I've been writing for Rooted Minds for about a year now, which is wild to realize. But I just want to take the time to explain who I am, the writer behind these random poems you read here and there.

So I really like long walks on the beach and coffee dates and nahh I'm just playin. Did you laugh? I'm mildly funny, I swear.

Anyways, right now, "who I truly am" is under construction. Yeah, the hard hat kind. I'm not tryna talk about my past really, you'll see those snapshots in my poems. But right now, I'm tryna just do me, and colorfully.

Fashion is a passion of mine. I try to create outfits that portray my...personas if you will. Sometimes I be feeling like a king, so i'll wear something masculine with chains on chains. Other times, I feel fragile, so you'll see me in my "I AM SENSITIVE" shirt I rock occasionally. No matter how masculine or feminine I'm feeling, I'll still throw a punch, so don't be playin me. I used to really want to box, and I wear rings on every finger :)

I also really like using " :) ". Emojis scare me, ya girl is old school. But I also hate texting, so call me or better yet, write me a letter and mail whatever you have to say to me. I'll respond enthusiastically. I promise.

I've been pursuing music recently in every aspect. I think the music industry is such an interesting world. I hope to be a part of it by writing lyrics for people, and maybe one day, singing some indie joints.

I really like dogs. Like a lot. Don't matter how bad my day is, if I see a dog, I will ask you if I have permission to pet. Like service dogs lowkey make me sad because you're not supposed to pet them (so I just wave...but then it's awkward because the owner thinks I'm waving to them, so I'll play it off like I am sometimes).

This "Who I Am" post really portrays the way I think well. I'm all over the place. Yeah, I could edit this and make the transitions smoother or whatnot, but that's not raw, is it?

There's a lot more i could say about myself (or am I bluffing?) but Imma leave it here: I'm constantly changing mentally and physically. But I think that's how it's supposed to would be pretty boring if you stayed the same. So be weird, it's pretty fun (side note: in 5th grade we couldn't call people weird at my very catholic elementary school so we had to use the word "unique"). So be fucking unique. Wear clothes that make you feel good and have friends that make you feel even better. This world has a lot of negativity, so let's just try to be some cute little stars lighting up the planet or whatever.

To stay up to date with me: follow my instagram @maryyviolett

I'm always down to work with, create with and support other artists!

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