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I was a child and I didn’t believe in forever.

My mind couldn’t grasp the concept.

I saw flowers die and moments pass;

I had an imagination, but forever couldn’t play with me

But then she came into my life.

Hour long telephone calls and

carefully crafted letters on looseleaf

began to excite me about this realm of forever.

For if forever was real, then she would be in it.

We could share this forever.

Distance stretched our limbs across the country,

but our hearts beat under the same sun,

dream under the same moon.

We still story tell through envelopes and rushed dials.

The birds told me forever was a long time,

warned me to be cautious about forever,

but I don’t have the same mind as I did growing up.

She taught me how real forever could be.


I met my best friend when I was five. She would always call me her "BFF", but I used to correct her. I was really five years old and trying to be a realist, saying forever isn't real. To cut to the chase, she taught me that forever is indeed real. Thank you Fiona.

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