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3rd Place Summer 2019 Poetry Contest: Queen "Najwa" Johnson

Thanks to all of your support in helping us to keep the writing communities we serve engaged. Hopefully we can continue to encourage more people to submit to our contest. This season's Poetry Contest was very challenging and every submission was much appreciated. The judges spent well over a week analyzing and scoring the poems. We are excited to share with our readers the winning poems and some background on the winning writers.

Tied for 3rd place in the contest is Queen "Najwa" Johnson:

My name is Queen Najwa Johnson (Najwa) for short and some know me as "Mama Jay". I am 31 years old and get to share this life journey with my husband and our six children. I love to create whether it be a poem, a song or a visual. At an early age my imagination was grand (I'm a Sagittarius), thankfully I had a mother who allowed me to express it and pushed me to never give up on that. She passed when I was 8, and I went thru a series of traumatic events that led to depression, anxiety and eventually got me diagnosed as bipolar and put on medication at the age of 16. Through the years I have used poetry, music and art as a source of healing and no longer needing to be dependent on medication. For me that is what drives me to write and create the way I do because I know it more than just words, it can be food for the mind and soul. Aside from creating, I love helping people, making people laugh and experiencing life -the good and the bad.


Here is Queen "Najwa" Johnson's poem:

Emotions hit like crashing waves

The type to send a soul to it's grave

I've tried swimming up and out of my thoughts

But the harder I try the more I get caught

In this sea of depression, this place of rage

In the ocean where the lost succumb to their pain

My greatest fear is that alone I'll die here

And never see the ocean while it's calm and clear

So I grasp for air and swim a bit harder

Hoping my effort can get me farther

I have to keep going and make it to the shore

So I hold on tighter like I've never have before

The fight is not over and I am not yet dead

Although at my weakness, I know victory is ahead

In a fit of rage I am not who I wish to be

I am like the storm that comes to knock over the tree

I am all of the bad experiences combined in one

The fire that burns , the heat of the sun

In a fit of rage I hate the decisions I make

Yet somehow I'm consumed and it seems so in place

Nothing is precious, Nothing worth keeping

My heart pumps adrenaline and my anger keeps seeking

Somewhere or someone for my rage to grab

There's nothing present , so I look to the past

Why I don’t know it's painful there

Perhaps to question my fears or take on the dare

Of not really caring what can happens to me

I've already been there, it's the future I can't see

No hope for tomorrow, no pennies in a well

Just the depth of sorrow and the burning of hell

My desires have forgotten their place in my heart

Only lingering in the places where it's dark

Maybe, It's not rage it's something much deeper

Rage is the cause of not being a believer

In hope, in change, in love not even light

Rage is the reason we seem to loose sight

Maybe if I open up and become fully aware

I'll my realize rage is just anger and fear.


Follow Queen "Najwa" Johnson on instagram and support her writing endeavors. If you know of any writers looking to grow and get better, please connect them with I Am Root LLC or the Rooted Minds Blog, we'd love to be apart of their success stories.

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