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2nd Place Summer Poetry Contest Winner: Tamillia Valenzuela

So many of us have a passion for writing, but rarely get the chance or desire to share our work. We are proud to be able to provide a few different platforms for writers. This season's Poetry Contest was very challenging and every submission was much appreciated. The judges spent well over a week analyzing and scoring the poems. We are excited to share with our readers the winning poems and some background on the winning writers.

Placing 2nd in the competition, we have Tamillia Valenzuela:

My name is Tamillia Valenzuela, I am a 32 year old mother of one. I am originally from Aurora, Colorado but have lived in Arizona for almost ten years. I enjoy empowering our youth and helping out in the community. I hope to see a world where people can genuinely be kind and empathetic towards one another.

Here is Tamillia Valenzuela's Poem:

Mi Máscara

I am laying here, this is a place my mind visits too often.

Finding a way to release the pressure that is constantly building up.

How did I get here again?

When will I learn?

Why can’t I stop feeling this way?

I tell myself that you love me, that you don’t mean the things you say or do.

I tell myself that deep down I deserve all of this...everything.

Watching my blood run feels more healing than all the nights that I cried for your acceptance.

Watching my blood run feels more healing than becoming what you wanted.

I tell myself that conforming can make me happy.

I tell myself that this is a life I could be satisfied with.

But it’s not…

It never could be…

These walls are too much

I feel trapped inside a box not meant for me.

Quiero gritar…

Quiero llorar…

Y a veces quiero morir…

But I don’t.

I continue to shed the expectations of you from myself.

And although every layer I take off hurts,

I’ll continue until this máscara is gone.

I’ll continue until I am who I am meant to be…

Without this constant drowning wave of sadness.

Hasta que pueda quitarme esta máscara

Tamillia Valenzuela

“🌻An inspired environment is a thriving environment 🌻”


Follow Tamillia Valenzuela on instagram and support her mission to impact others and use her writing as way to navigate life's turmoil.

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