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1st Place Winner for the Summer 2019 Poetry Contest: Zandria White

Our competition tends to bring out the best in many writers, both new and old. For others, the prompt simply speaks to them in a way that connects to their knowledge bank and life experience.This season's Poetry Contest was very challenging and every submission was much appreciated. The judges spent well over a week analyzing and scoring the poems. We are excited to share with our readers the winning poems and some background on the winning writers.

Placing 1st in the competition, we have Zandria White:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca, Zandria White first found her love for writing at the age of 14 and used it to cope with her life as a South Central teenager. As she got older she was involved and forced into many different life styles, but although this pain could have costs her everything she allowed her own words to be her freedom.

Zandria is relentless to bring realistic poetry that relates to many struggles through life, friendship and reward. Zandria is a influential motivator and through her poetry she brings real life experiences to light and plans to wake up the world on over looked topics, as an activist.

Zandria has an associates in Administration of Justice and Liberal Arts of Science and Social Behavior. She enjoys the life of being a servanthood leader, traveling, and helping others elevate their life.

Zandria pushes herself to help others put manifestation behind there WHY! She is destined to teach many generations how to turn their passion into purpose, their purpose into profession, while using pain as fuel to generate the life they deserve.

Zandria White

C.E.O Manifest Publishing LLC

Author & Ghost Writer


Here is Zandria White's Poem:

Dear Anxiety😔

All I want is peace so I can move forward but you’re a selfish coward hoping I give up and say I can no longer take this but that’s too easy and I refuse to let you win I get cold sweats in my sleep even with the AC Accepting broken love from those that don’t deserve it Over and over I fight myself why bother picking up the pieces. My heart steady race I fletch for no reason I’m Always afraid I dream constantly of someone kidnapping me and although it was once my reality eight years still seems like yesterday and as I pray when I take these pills he will find me and let me go but it only brought me closer to his fist and hands around my throat Given so much drugs I forgot who I was and sometimes I’m judged and laugh at like I wanted that they say why I never went to the police as if we share the same shoes in my captivity But on another note I am idolized for being on top but I’ll climb back to the bottom just to get you to stop Dear anxiety I refuse to still feel like a traffic slave I’m standing here, why must I feel like I’ve died that day when all I wanted was to go back home but he said die or stay I’m glad I never lost hope but you make it so hard to trust anyone so I don’t even seek help. I started to feel like I deserved this, so at one point I blame myself my heart has so many holes I’ve been so afraid to tell my story but it’s time I release you and let go I’m tired of going to the store just to forget what I came here for Can’t go outside past six because my mind says it’s about to happen again in the dark who is my witness More tears from my mom eyes like where are you where did you go where have you been Dear anxiety I refuse to be your victim they can continue to judge me I’m make a difference With or without them I am here today to take a stand for everyone that never spoke up in those still in it’s called the game for reason baby girl and I’m sorry that you never got Love at home But the promises he gives you it’s all pretend because in reality those black eyes and bruises or not worth it And as for you anxiety I’m done with you lingering around me like a envious friend cause last time I checked happiness starts from within So trust me, stay home and listen to your parents Cause you can be the next Jane doe Who couldn’t get out or take it no mo’ a unmarked grave, Or like my friend Nicole Who was found under the bed at that hotel Didn’t make it see 18 plastic wrap from head to knees around her throat Scratches and rope If only we lived in a better world and humans no longer were priced so for now, starting today I claim victory over victim Free from anxiety and no longer afraid.


Follow Zandria White on instagram and visit her website to support her future endeavors. Thanks to all of the contestants we hope that you continue to write and use your voices to make a better reality for the world both inside you and outside of you.

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