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Return of 4Eva

If you asked me 10 years ago if I believed in Forever,

I'd say "No doubt".

If you asked me 5 minutes later

I'd say "Eh, who's to say?"

5 years ago Forever looked like green eyes and short hair.

Forever looked like depression and

restless nights pondering tomorrows that never came.

Forever looked like chicken scratch love notes and I.O.U's

torn into pieces and scattered across barren battlefields.

Melancholy celebrations for ye old survivor's guilt...

If you asked me 3 years ago if I believed in Forever,

I'd say "Yeah, but me and that bitch ain't cool no mo"

Forever was lost to me,

no longer a factor in this world of finality...

Forever was a vengeful gawd I had long stopped praying to.

An old friend I never truly knew,

a stranger that knew entirely too much of me

But if you ask me now,

"Do you believe in Forever?"

I'd say yes, absolutely.

Reacquainted and grown, we've done some maturing.

Forever looks more feasible now.

Forever feels like peace.

In this very moment, Forever looks like today.

Looks like brown eyes behind round glasses and locs.

It looks like pink and orange sunsets and sunflowers.

It sounds like laughter and deep sighs of contentment

and silence...

feels like inner joy.

Forever looks like vulnerability and life living.

Like therapy and bitter truths washed down with sweet validation,

and resolutions, Like broken cycles.

Forever feels like flowers blooming and dancing in storms and lessons learned

and for the first time,

Forever feels truly endless.

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