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The Treaty Of The Meadow

butterflies sign peace treaties

with the bumble bees

for the lavender lies spread

instead of honey.

the truth became iridescent

in the meadow of common place.

the insects exiled harm;

hate impeded a flower’s growth.

shared interest of pollination

brought foes together:

a buzzing harmony.

both had wings

both had dreams;

how different were they?

the meadows blossomed with color

once love was spread along with the pollen.


spoiler alert: we are the butterflies and bees. start spreading love to one another. this world would be a much more beautiful place if we did. smile more to strangers. hold the door open for them. make them feel loved because they are loved. give your friend a kiss today. call your mom. we all need love to survive. to the reader of this piece: i love you. i appreciate the support you're giving me. i hope you have a wonderful day.

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