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Refresh & Recharge: Paint-n-Sip and Live Music Showcase coming this October

I Am Root LLC is teaming up with the super talented and fashionable Christanie Hunter for the Refresh & Recharge Paint-N-Sip and Live Music Showcase at Adventurous Stills Distillery in Tempe, AZ on October 20th 2019. Music will be provided by Dom Root and J Protege with special performances by Louie Fish, Chari Joy, LeeWater, Stefani Monet, Dom Root, and hosted by Fransisco Phoenics.

Re·fresh -/rəˈfreSH/

Art Party and Live Music Showcase.

The focus of the event is on celebrating success, realigning focus, and building on new opportunities as we close out the 4th quarter of the year. We want to encourage and motivate the community to hit their goals and continue to execute their visions by not falling into an end of the year slump.

Tickets and Registration open on August 31st -

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