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She Does It All! PT 1

Snippet from the unreleased song:

Let Go - Theresa Lovely

Tossin' and turning in bed,

What is this weight on my chest,

its getting harder to breath

I can't see, take it easy

remind me to let it go

F it now i'm late for work

I barely can iron my shirt

My phone aint been chargin'

but dollars is callin'

I got to get up and just let it go


From the perspective of your everyday woman that does it all, I know that some days are not all peachy and sunshine. It takes an unbelievable amount of energy to be able to balance life, and all that it throws at you. As one sharpens their ambition and sets out to accomplish our goals, sometimes we forget that the weight of our mind can actually weigh the entire body down as well. Especially if we don't pay enough attention to the signs.

It can be so easy to get lost in familiar cycles and daily routines. From family, to work, school, or even personal and social life, they can all get their turn on the bottom half of the priority list. Sometimes it may not even be intentional, but I'd like to relate it to juggling golf balls. At times my focus may be on what is directly in my sight, but I'm aware and am always going to catch whats important to me and bring it back round to my attention when im ready. In todays society, we try our best to get to a place in life that mirrors what every version of happiness looks and feels like.

My loves, if you're reading this, don't forget to look WITHIN.


Theresa Lovely

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