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08/19 Writing Prompt Responses: Dom Root - A Test of Patience

Here is one of our favorite responses to the August 19th writing prompt. Send us your work to be featured!


I take the good with the bad Breaking ground without ever breaking down. A young man reaching new heights without a case or a brick, you'd think to be this free it must be a privilege. I sometimes question the journey or the purpose of the game. I hope there's still a heaven, after enduring all this pain. God has a way about making sure Your earn your blessings, Because you can be seconds away from losing everything

or simply gaining new perspective. I thought Granny's prayers were my guarantee,

she covered me in the word

so that I could move more fearlessly. And like a stream of bad luck the problems kept finding me. Just spent my last hundred paying off that last hundred; ain't that some shit... Woke up and my car wont start. So what now?

Who gon' pay my rent? I got family in the hospital, Great Granny just laid to rest, You would swear this shit was regular How I never broke a sweat. Ten toes down on a mission trying to find it, feeling trapped a horse with the blinders,

keep the faith, down and back. People changing like the climate, but I always read the signage. If that's the only one way out, then I'll bet you I could climb it. Ten steps up, Sometimes twenty steps back, At times that's the difference When you ain't got the map. That's kind of how it go When you don't know the plan You thought you had it right Til you talked to The Man..

Put my faith in God only,

won't be judged by a man,

got to trust the process because

this the only life that we get.

Dom Root 2019

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