Diggin in w/ Niamey

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

I STARTED A PODCAST! When I first started this podcast it was for the purpose to talk about the different things I encounter in my day to day. I do a lot of things. I am a Choreographer/Dancer, I teach Inclusion and Diversity classes and bible study classes. I am a public speaker, an MC, involved in my community, a social media consultant, and I travel often. I had a lot of topics that I wanted to talk about. Mental Health, Politics, Art, Hip Hop to name a few. So I thought why not start a podcast where I can talk about a ray of topics and invite dope people to talk with me!

So I did it! I started a podcast and through this new endeavor I have been able to not only heal from a lot of things that have been pressed in my heart, but provide a space for others to think about the ways that they operate and how to be better within themselves.

I have hosted special guest like my best friend Kim, talked to KT about the process, my girl Michelle and overcoming toxicity especially when you're the problem, my cousin Kamaaron and his journey in growing up, and have myself discussed my journey that led me here, leadership, and much more.

By creating this podcast I was able to walk in purpose. While I may not have a lot of listeners... yet... but I have been able to connect with others from all over the world and talk about the many different facets that make them, well them.

So whatever that idea you have, whatever that blog you want to start, whatever that poem that needs to be written, be like NIKE and "Just do it" tomorrow isn't promise, and you'll never be fully "ready" so try and faily, then try again. Either way you have to start at some point.


Episodes come out every Thursday at 12pm! Hope you come apart of the family!

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