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Weekly Writing Prompts (8/20) + New I AM ROOT Lifestyle Release

Hey I Am Root Supporters, we appreciate everyone submitting their write ups each week. It makes us proud to be able to engage with a community of writers in this digital age. Let's keep going and growing. Next week we will share our favorite submissions to our social media channels.

Instagram: Rooted Minds

Also announced today!

Our new line of apparel is available in a limited fashion. Many have requested and we've finally answered. You can get your favorite plant and mantra on a T-Shirt! The I Am Root Lifestyle is constantly growing and it's all thanks to our supporters.

Men's Graphic Tank Top - Root For Each Other

Faded Black Denim - Sprout Cap

Model: Dom S. Flagg - wearing a Medium.

Women's Graphic Crop Top - Root For Each Other

Model: Jade-Chuntiviia Brown - wearing a Medium

Women's Flowy Muscle Shirt - Plant the Seed / Watch it Grow.

Model: Jade-Chuntiviia Brown - wearing a Medium.

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